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Y’all. I’ve got some news. Some really really BIG news. Something I’ve been hiding for MONTHS now. So, let’s get to it!!!


PHEW! That feels good to get off of my chest.

Katie and I have been searching for the BEST books for MONTHS now. We’ve probably read close to 200 books trying to find the very best books for our Kindergarten Reading curriculum.

Without further adieu, we bring you the Book List for KINDERGARTEN!

{Update: Our Kindergarten Rooted in Reading curriculum is now available for purchase right HERE!}

Kindergarten Rooted In Reading Books Year


The actual teaching units are NOT done yet. We will begin releasing the curriculum with our August unit. It will be posted in the spring. I promise we will keep everyone updated on our progress! We always release a month with PLENTY of time to prep the materials. You will have SEVERAL months to prep it before August rolls around.

Let’s talk about the standards and the year overview. We will be rolling out our year overview VERY SOON. You’ll just have to keep checking back. We will map out the entire year with comprehension, grammar, and phonics. For now, we just want to get the Kindergarten book list titles to you!

Please Note:  We have provided Amazon links below.  They may not be the best price, so it is certainly a good idea to look around!  We suggest looking on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Thrift Books, Half Price Books, and Scholastic.

August Rooted in Reading Books

August Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

September Rooted in Reading Books

September Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

October Rooted in Reading Books

October Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

November Rooted in Reading Books

November Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

December Rooted in Reading Books

December Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

January Rooted in Reading Books

January Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

February Rooted in Reading Books

February Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

March Rooted in Reading Books

March Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

April Rooted in Reading Books

April Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

May Rooted in Reading Books

May Kindergarten Rooted In Reading books

Rooted in Reading Kindergarten Books

You can click on any of the books below to find them on Amazon.

You can also find them all in one place on my Amazon Storefront by clicking HERE!

You can find a printable version of the book list by clicking HERE!

Kinder rooted in reading 1

We hope that you are just as excited as we are about Kindergarten Rooted in Reading. The books are RICH, BEAUTIFUL, ENGAGING, and more. We think you and your students will LOVE them! Oh, and we will keep you posted when we have more information about the year overview, release dates, structure, and more!

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  1. Looks like I need to make another donors choose project. I’m $90 away from funding first grade. Now to start on K incase I dont switch grades!

  2. You can snag Giraffe Problems right now at Kohl’s with a stuffed giraffe!

  3. Is there a projected release date? My team is wanting to use this program next year and we have begun planning.