Review Booklet for the End of 1st Grade or Beginning of 2nd Grade (Review of 1st Grade skills)



This Review Activity Booklet may be just what your 2nd grade students need to review 1st grade skills and Math and Literacy concepts learned throughout their 1st grade year! Great to use during review, for independent work, as a morning work activity, or for homework! Teachers can also use to assess their 2nd graders knowledge of 1st grade content.

There are 45 review pages for math, grammar, and literacy skills (25 pages for math and 20 pages for grammar and language). This review booklet can be used at the beginning of 2nd grade or at the end of 1st grade.

Want to know what is all included? Look below!

Math Skills to Review 1st Grade Content and Prep for 2nd:

  • Identify Tens and Ones
  • Count Base Ten Blocks for 2-Digit Numbers
  • Read 2-Digit Number Words
  • Expanded Form of Numbers for 2-Digit Numbers
  • Even or Odd
  • Numbers Greater than 50
  • Numbers Less than 50
  • Comparing 2-Digit Numbers
  • Ordering Numbers Least to Greatest
  • Addition Facts
  • Subtraction Facts
  • Skip Count by 10
  • Skip Count by 5
  • Plus and Minus 1
  • Plus and Minus 10
  • Addition Word Problems
  • Subtraction Word Problems
  • Matching Coins with Their Value
  • Counting Coins
  • Time to the Hour
  • Time to the Half Hour
  • Shape Attributes
  • Fractions Identifying Halves
  • Showing Halves and Fourths
  • Reading a Bar Graph

Literacy Skills to Review 1st Grade and Prep for 2nd:

  • Writing Words with Silent E
  • Writing Words with Blends
  • Writing Words with Digraphs
  • Rhyming Words Match
  • Rhyming Words
  • Writing Compound Words
  • Identifying Nouns
  • Common and Proper Nouns
  • Plural Nouns
  • Looking for Nouns in Sentences
  • Identifying Verbs
  • Writing Past Tense Verbs
  • Looking for Verbs in Sentences
  • Describing Objects with Adjectives
  • Describe Ice Cream with Adjectives
  • Looking for Adjectives in Sentences
  • Ending Punctuation
  • Fixing Sentences
  • Complete Sentences
  • Using Punctuation and Capitals in Sentences


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