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August Directed Drawings for Back to School



Also included in:
70 Directed Drawings for the Entire Year

My students have always loved directed drawings. It’s such a peaceful and calm activity in the classroom! They enjoy learning how to draw the different images because it gives them the skills and confidence they need to explore other types of art. These can be done as a classroom activity, an early finisher activity, or even at a writing/art station. I’ve included different writing and drawing options so that you can make them work for you and your students!

– 5 drawings
– Picture Directions for each drawing
– Writing Sheets for each drawing
– Drawing sheets are included with the drawing steps and a space to draw.
– All Drawings have been preloaded to Seesaw and Google Slides. Just click and assign!

This pack is part of a money saving Bundle! You can find more about that by clicking HERE!

Here are the 5 Drawings included for August
1. Friends Directed Drawing
2. School Bus Directed Drawing
3. School House Directed Drawing
4. Apple Friend Directed Drawing
5. Backpack Directed Drawing

Check out the preview to see what all is included!

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