Back to School Math Activities for the Beginning of the Year



Who says you can’t incorporate classroom rules and a sense of community into your math lesson plans? Build a math community with your little mathematicians using these hands-on math activities! Just perfect for the first week back to school! You’ll focus on becoming mathematicians, math tools, cooperative learning, partner games, word problems, making numbers, and more!

TEN Activities Included in this Unit:

1. Let’s Talk About Math: As a class, create a T-Chart to discuss what you already know about math and what you hope to learn in math. Students fill out printable,
2. Mathematicians Can, Have, and Are Anchor Chart: Discuss the characteristics of a mathematician and use these anchor chart templates to guide your discussion.
3. Mathematician Writing Activity: Students make themselves as a mathematician. Students write in the speech bubble.
4. Find a Friend: Students create a bracelet to model an addition sentence. Students find friends and write the addition model they created.
5. Math Tools Exploration
6. Tools or Toys?: Use the whole-group sorting chart to discuss the difference in math tools and toys. Students sort pictures onto their printable.
7. Silent Puzzles: There are 5 silent puzzles to put together as a group. Students rotated through the five puzzles with their group to practice cooperative learning.
8. Draw and Solve Booklet: Students practice solving word problems with pictures and equations. This booklet has basic addition and subtraction problems. There are also 8 other word problem strips that can be used.
9. Partner Games: There are 5 simple math games to practice working with a partner. Some of these games either require dice or paperclips. (Spin to Add, Spin to Subtract, Spin and Compare, Roll and Add)
10. Making Numbers Whole Class Chart and Sort: Use this activity to discuss making different numbers using addition and subtraction equations. Students do the same thing with making numbers using their flap-book sorts.

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