80 Quick Grammar Assessment Worksheets for Review or Test Prep



Are you looking for grammar worksheets, practice, review, or assessments? These 80 QUICK and NO-PREP Grammar Assessments can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom. The grammar worksheets are easy to assign and don’t take a ton of time for students to complete. The activities vary from matching, selecting in a sentence, writing, providing examples, identifying, and more! Easy to prep, assign, complete, and grade… every teacher’s dream come true! PLUS -> Answer Keys are Included!

These quick assessments can be used in a number of ways. You can print one set, put each page in a page protector and keep in a binder. Sometimes you may just want to conduct a quick assessment with a small group or individual student to see if they have grasped the concept you have been working on. Students can write directly on the page protector with a dry-erase marker. Then, just erase and use it with the next student!


You can simply print these out for your entire class to complete (worksheet style). These can be used as independent work, graded work, homework, or as an assessment.

•Compound Words

•Making & Writing Compound Words

•Contractions: not

•Contractions: is

•Contractions: will

•Contractions: mixed

•Contractions in Sentences


•Abbreviations in Sentences

•Rhyming Words Set One

•Rhyming Words Set Two

•Ordering Words

•ABC Order

•ABC Order (same beg. letter)

•Finding Nouns

•Nouns at School

•Nouns in Sentences

•Adding s and es to nouns

•Plural Nouns: ies

•Plural Nouns

•Irregular Nouns

•Singular and Plural Nouns

•Collective Nouns

•Common and Proper

•Common and Proper Nouns in Sentences

•Possessive Nouns

•Pronouns: I, me, my

•Pronouns: they, them, their

•Pick the Pronoun

•Reflexive Pronouns

•Describing Words

•Adjectives in Sentences


•Describe It

•Comparative Adj.

•Superlative Adj.

•Choosing Articles


•Using Articles


•Find the Synonym


•Find the Antonym

•Finding Verbs

•Verbs in Action

•Verbs in Sentences

•Verb Tenses

•Verb Tenses Set Two

•Future Tense Verbs

•Adding -ed

•Irregular Verbs

•Subject Verb Agreement

•Name the Adverb

•Adverbs of Time

•Adverbs of Where

•Adverbs and Adjectives

•Punctuation: . & ?

•Punctuation: ! & ?

•Ending Punctuation

•Complete Sentences

•Simple Sentences

•Conjunction: and

•Conjunction: but

•Conjunction: or

•Pick the Preposition

•Preposition Match


•Commas in a Series

•Writing Dates

•Capitalize Months

•Months of the Year

•Capitalize Days

•Days of the Week

•Days and Months

•Capitalize Places

•Prefixes: un, re, dis

•Matching Prefixes

•Pick a Prefix

•Suffix: ing

•Suffix: er, or


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