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Digital and Printable Activity: Contraction Caterpillars



Are you looking for a fun activity to use when teaching about contractions?! In this activity students create a caterpillar to display their knowledge of contractions. The best part? This activity comes in a DIGITAL and PRINTABLE version! You get both in this download!

Here’s how it works digitally: Students move the pieces to create the caterpillars. There are 4 contraction caterpillars in the digital version. They move the body which have the contractions. Then they move the legs which have the two words that make up the contraction. Students match the legs to the correct body piece. Students make four matches on each caterpillar.
– Slide 1: Directions
– Slides 2-5: Movable Pieces to build contraction caterpillars. Students type sentences on each slide that contain at least one contraction.

Here’s how it works with the printable version: Students cut out and assemble the caterpillar. Students generate their own contractions. Students write the contractions on the circles and the two words on the legs.
– Template to create caterpillar
– Speech Bubble for writing

You will receive the digital files in the following formats:
Power Point Users: There are files that you can simply open up and use… or add them to your Google Account/Platform of choice
SEESAW Users: These activities are preloaded. With just a click (that is provided) you can save and assign the activities
GOOGLE Users: You can download the files directly to your Google account with just the click of a button! Or you can manually add the PowerPoints if you prefer that!

*This purchase is for SINGLE USE ONLY. To share with other teachers or teammates, an additional license will need to be purchased.


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