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Digital and Printable Place Value Pizzas



Wanting to have a little fun and tackle a some place value in the classroom?! This Digital and Printable Place Value Pizza is a great way to review or practice place value! The best part? It can be used with 2-digit, 3-digit, or 4-digit numbers AND it is printable AND digital! Students use place value blocks as their toppings to create a number. Then students write the standard form, expanded form, and word form of the number they created!

Here’s what is included:
-Place Value Pizza templates that can be printed on colored paper
-Recording Sheets
-Digital Place Value Pizzas for 2-Digit Numbers, 3-Digit Numbers, and 4-Digit Numbers

The Place Value Pizza is also DIGITAL! You can assign this activity through Google Slides, Seesaw, or with the Power Point.

Power Point Users: There is a file that you can simply open up and use… or add it to your Google Account/Platform of choice
SEESAW Users: This activity is preloaded. With just a click (that is provided) you can save and assign the activity
GOOGLE Users: You can download the file directly to your Google account with just the click of a button! Or you can manually add the PowerPoint if you prefer that!

I hope you enjoy making these Place Value Pizzas with your students!


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