End of the Year Memory Book for Students with Summer Bucket List Craft



Hey Teachers! Is it the end of the school year for you? Are you looking for a meaningful way for your students to remember their school year? This eye-catching Memory Book is the perfect activity to capture those memories while keeping those little hands busy! Pair that with the included Summer Bucket List Writing Craft… and you are all set!

Best Part? There is ZERO prep for the teacher! Just select which pages you would like for your students to complete and print! Also, this Memory Book does NOT mention a grade level, so that it can be used for multiple grades. Where applicable, I have included both solid and handwriting lines.

Here is what is included in this end of the year activity:

  • 22 Memory Book Pages
  • Self Portrait Directed Drawing (also found HERE)
  • This Year Was SWEET candy writing craft
  • Summer Bucket List writing craft

Pages included in End of the Year Memory Book:

  • Cover Option 1: This Yearโ€™s Memories
  • Cover Option 2: This Yearโ€™s Snapshots
  • All About Me
  • This is My Self Portrait with a Self Portrait Directed Drawing
  • This or That x 2
  • My Teacher Draw and Write
  • My Teacher Fill in Sheet
  • All About My Teacher
  • This is Our Classroom
  • Letโ€™s Talk About Lunchtime
  • Fun at Recess
  • A Day in the Life
  • 3 Memories From This Year
  • Lots of Learning
  • Having Fun on the Field Trip
  • My Best Friends
  • The Best Book
  • My Goal for Next Year
  • A Letter to My Future Self
  • 3 Things I Want to Do This Summer
  • Letโ€™s Take Time to Read This Summer
  • Awesome Autographs


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