Bulletin Board Set: Our Students Are… (Positive Qualities)



Do you want to display positive qualities and characteristics about your students? Looking to inspire and motivate? This easy-to-print bulletin board set may be just the thing you need!

Everything is created in Black and White so that you do NOT have to use colored ink! Just choose your colorful paper and you are good to go! It can go with any classroom theme or color scheme.

Here’s what is included:
– Easy to prep pennant templates with minimal cutting involved
– Two size options (1 letter to a page or 2 letters to a page)
– Letter Pennants for EVERY letter in the alphabet
– Letters to make your school name or say “Our Students Are”
– Positive Words to choose from: kind, loved, smart, brave, important, special, unique, caring, bright, creative, explorers, talented, inventors, thinkers, creators, problem solvers, world changers, leaders, authors, artists, scientists, scholars, readers, writers
– Stars for Decoration
– How to Print and Make

*The Bulletin Board is NOT Editable*

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