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ELA Centers: 10 Back to School Literacy Stations



Are you gearing up for ELA Stations in your 2nd Grade Classroom? These 10 Back to School Literacy Stations may be just what you need to get your students started on a ELA Station Rotation. These are great to use at the beginning of 2nd grade, but can also be used all throughout the year.

This download includes the following centers:

1. School-Time Sentences: Students use picture cards to generate sentences (picture cards and student sheets)
2. A Colorful Order: Students put color words in ABC Order (picture cards and student sheets) Students also write about their favorite color.
3. Making Words: Students use letter cards to make new words (letter cards and student sheets) Students also use words to write sentences.
4. Syllable Sort: Students sort picture/word cards into different syllable groups (sorting mats, picture cards and student sheets) Students write sentences using word cards.
5. Rhyme-Time: Students use picture/word cards to make new rhymes. (picture cards and student sheets) Students also color the words that rhyme
6. All About Me: Students use a graphic organizer to write about themselves, then they put their information into a short story
7. Handy Helpers: Students match sentences with the correct picture cards and write the sentences correctly (picture cards and sentence cards, student sheets)
8. Noun Sort: Students sort words into person, place, or thing groups (word cards, sorting mats, student sheets) or students can use flap book to sort the word cards.
9. Writing Center: Students choose between 2 different writing options to complete their writing center.
10. Describe Me!: Students use picture cards to generate adjectives about the images (picture cards and student sheets)

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