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5 Math and 5 Literacy Centers for Christmas



I don’t know about y’all, but I love everything Christmas, especially activities that are meaningful and engaging while being filled with holiday spirit! This unit includes 5 Literacy and 5 Math Centers that will keep your kiddos working during the holiday season!

Literacy Centers:
1. ABC Order with 16 words
2. Making Words Plural with s, es, ies- sorting the word and adding the ending
3. Ending Puncuation with ? and . -sorting the sentences and adding the punctuation
4. Contraction Match matching the contractions to the words
5. Writing Center- students choose a picture and write a story

Math Centers:
1. Put 3 digit numbers in order from least to greatest and color even/odd
2. Match analog/digital clocks
3. Double Digit Addition Problems (2 versions- 1 set with regrouping and 1 set without regrouping)
4. Numbers that come before and after with color even/odd (3 digit numbers)
5. Making 3 digit numbers- using the numbers 0-9 to make the smallest number possible and the largest number possible


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