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Valentine Centers: 5 Math and 5 ELA Stations



Looking to fall in love with your literacy and math centers again? This Valentine’s Day-themed combo pack may be just what you need! Everything you need from contractions and synonyms to addition and measurement is included in this unit, with little prep and the option to print in color or black & white!

What’s Inside:

Literacy Centers:
1. I Adore ABC Order (18 words)
2. Making Words SWEET- Brainstorming synonyms for boring words!
3. Special Sentences- Read sentences and identify the nouns, adjectives, and verbs in the sentences
4. Cute Contractions- match the words to their contraction
5. Sweet Stories- Students choose a picture to write about (4 options)

Math Centers:
1. Solve it Sweetly- Addition and Subtraction with regrouping
2. Tasty Treats- Ordering 3 digit numbers and identifying even/odd
3. Pocketful of Change- counting coins and ordering amounts from least to greatest
4. Bright Numbers- Adding and Subtracting 10, Adding and Subtracting 100 to 3 digit numbers
5. Measuring Love- Estimating and Measuring objects to the nearest inch

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