Counting Coins Activities



Looking for engaging lessons to teach your students how to identify and count coins (US Currency ONLY!)? This money unit has several activities to incorporate into your coin lessons! Here’s what is included:

*Money Posters for: Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Penny (Color and B&W)

*Mini Money Posters for student journals and reference

*Printable Coins for: Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies (Color and B&W)

*Flapbook to describe coin characteristics (2 versions)

*Coin Match-up: Students cut/glue to match coin front, coin back, name of coin, amount with dollar sign, and amount with cent sign

*Pocket-Book: Students count coins up to $1 and sort into pocket book

*I-Spy: Students count coins up to $1 and write amounts shown

*Show me the MONEY: Students look at amount of coins and decide which coins they would use

*Making a Dollar Bubble Map

*Making a Dollar- cut/glue coins to show 5 different ways to make $1

*Make a Dollar Lollipop Craft- Students make a lollipop and cut/glue coins to show one way to make a dollar

*Word Problems- 10 word problems that include counting coins, making change, deciding which coins a child has, etc.

*Spend A Dollar Math Station

*Catching Coins Math Station

*Spin and Total with coin spinners (4 different spinners)

*20 Counting Coin Projectable Questions

*The Coin Gang: A Reader’s Theatre

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