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Triple Digit Addition With Regrouping (3-Digit)



Looking for some new activities to use while teaching how to regroup with 3-Digit Numbers? These activities will motivate your students and help mix things up in your classroom! Here’s what is inside:

-2 Regrouping Posters
-Regrouping Pocketbook (regrouping in the ones place only)- students sort sums by regrouping/not regrouping
– Even/Odd Pocketbook (regrouping in the ones and tens place)
-I Spy Triple Digit Addition (ten problems with regrouping in the ones place)
-I Spy Triple Digit Addition (ten problems with regrouping in the ones and tens place
-4 Flapbooks: Solve and Show your work, Sort sums by Even/Odd, Sort problems by regrouping/not regrouping
-Word Problem Scoot- 8 Addition with regrouping problems (problems with extra info, adding 3 addends)
-Printables: Solve and Match (2 options), Roll and Add (using dice to add 3-digit problems), Spin and Add with spinners

For Triple Digit Subtraction With Regrouping Click HERE

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