2nd Grade Magic of Math Unit 4: 2 and 3 Digit Regrouping



Learning 2 digit and 3 digit regrouping is hard, don’t make it harder with worksheets! Instead, students can learn and have fun by playing games, getting up and moving, and completing regrouping activities that engage each and every single learner. Worksheet free!

Our 3-digit addition week even has a superhero theme that your boys will just LOVE! Regrouping can be a challenge, but if we make it high-interest then our students will buy into the concept, work hard, and be willing to tackle it daily! After being taught the steps, we use repetition as the key to making the concept stick.

The Magic Of Math Unit 4 for SECOND GRADE focuses on
2-Digit Addition With Regrouping
2-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping
3-Digit Addition and Multi-Step Word Problems
3-Digit Subtraction and Multi-Step Word Problems

Here is what is included in this month-long unit for 2nd grade:

  • Daily Lesson Plans for 20 days
  • Aligned with the 2nd Grade Common Core and TEKS
  • 20 Word Problems for each day that complement the skills
  • Interactive Notebook Printables
  • Games, Activities, and Crafts to enhance learning
  • Minilessons with ideas on how to teach the skills as well as materials needed
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • I Can Statements
  • Assessments
  • Anchor Chart and Pocket Chart Materials

Want a closer look? Check out the weekly activities below:

Week One: 2-Digit Addition With Regrouping

  • Build and Add with Place Value Mats
  • I Can Regroup with Addition Cards and Place Value Mat
  • I Can Add 2-Digit Numbers Flap-Ups
  • Steps For Regrouping Anchor Chart
  • Spin to Find Your Sum
  • Regroup/Don’t Regroup Sort
  • Write It! Draw It! Check It!
  • Spin and Make a Move Regrouping Game
  • Regrouping with Drawing Flap-Ups
  • Sticky Note Regrouping Method
  • Toss and Solve Game
  • Sorting Sums by Even and Odd
  • Regrouping Bingo
  • Popsicle Party Activity
  • 2-Digit Regrouping Assessment


Week 2: 3-Digit Addition with Regrouping

  • Adding with Place Value Mats and Blocks
  • Super Punch Power Game
  • What’s Under the Cape Interactive Notebooks
  • Multi-Digit Addition Anchor Chart
  • Villain Vanish Activity
  • Superhero Face-Off
  • Smash and Solve
  • Smash and Solve Word Problems
  • Sorting Addition Equations by Greater and Less Than 500
  • Web of Word Problems
  • Using the PSA Strategy


2-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

  • Use Base Ten Blocks to Solve
  • I Can Regroup
  • Subtraction With Regrouping Flap Ups
  • Multi-Digit Subtraction Anchor Chart
  • Butterfly Math with Regrouping and Not Regrouping
  • Solve and Sort
  • Drawing Base Ten Blocks to Solve
  • Subtraction Bookmarks
  • Flip It! Draw It! Solve It!
  • Spin to Create Subtraction Problems
  • Subtraction problem Puzzles
  • The Minus Man with Ordering Differences
  • Mixed Up Subtraction Snowmen
  • Checking subtraction with Addition
  • Subtraction BINGO
  • Subtraction Assessment


3 Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

  • Regrouping Roast with Equations and Place Value Blocks
  • Grilling Up Problems
  • Build To Solve Equations and Sort
  • ZZZapping Zeroes: Musical Chairs Subtracting Across Zeroes
  • Subtraction Splat
  • S’MORE Subtraction
  • Solving Word Problems with the PSA Strategy
  • Subtraction Riddles


-What is the Magic of Math?
The Magic of Math is a series of math lesson plans and activities that can be used as your math curriculum or as a supplement to the program that you are already using. We provide the daily lesson plans, word problems, mini-lesson, activity, and interactive notebook entries for four weeks at a time. If you don’t have time for it all, that’s okay too! You can just pick and choose the pieces that you want to incorporate into your math block!

-Are these activities repeats from other units you have?
Absolutely NOT! We create all-new activities for each Magic of Math unit. They are all unique to this purchase and are not copied/pasted from things we have previously made.

-What is the difference between Magic of Math and other units you have?
Magic of Math is organized as daily lesson plans with everything you need rather than just activities.

It is NOT a collection of worksheets. You will not find any worksheets in this series. Instead, we use games, hands-on activities, engaging mini-lessons, and interactive notebooks to build our curriculum. We do try to keep in mind the amount of prep that is involved with the lessons, but some things will need to be printed, cut, and put together to use in your classroom.


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