Adding and Subtracting 10 and 100 Math Activities



Are you looking for fun activities so that your students can practice adding and subtracting 10 & 100?! In this unit your students will be rolling dice, spinning spinners, finding QR codes, counting coins, using a magnifying glass, and more to practice mentally adding ten and one hundred to 3-digit numbers!

All of the activities in this unit can be used as practice, group work, or math stations. Each activity helps students practice the skill of adding and subtracting 10 & 100 in a fun, engaging way!

Scoop, Total & Solve (need coins)
Spin & Solve (need paperclips)
Roll, Write & Solve (need dice)
Spin, Total, & Calculate (need paperclips and calculator)
Scoot & Solve
Magnify It (need magnifying glasses)
Be a QR Code Reader (need a device with a QR Code reader app)
Pinch & Solve
Puzzle Time
Order Up & Solve

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Add and Subtract 10 and 100


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