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3rd Grade Magic of Math Unit 6: Geometry, Area, and Perimeter



The Magic Of Math Unit 6 for THIRD GRADE focuses on:
Week 1: Geometry: Quadrilaterals, Congruent Figures, 2D and 3D Shapes
Week 2: Area: Intro to Area, Unit Squares, Relate to Multiplication
Week 3: Area: Decomposing Rectangles, Partition Shapes, Relate to Fractions
Week 4: Perimeter: Square Units, Measuring, Unknown Sides, Relate to Area

Here is what is included in this month long unit for 3rd grade:
-Daily Lesson Plans for 20 days
-Aligned with the 3rd Grade Common Core and TEKS
-20 Word Problems for each day that complement the skills
-Interactive Notebook Printables
-Games, Activities, and Crafts to enhance learning
-Minilessons with ideas on how to teach the skills as well as materials needed
-Vocabulary Cards
-I Can Statements
-Anchor Chart and Pocket Chart Materials

Want a Closer Look? Here are some (not all!) activities included:
– Quadrilateral Anchor Chart
– Quadrilaterals: 4 Sided Mystery
– Blast of with Quadrilaterals: Rocket Craft
– Quadrilateral Headbandz
– Ready! Build! Draw! Spin and draw quadrilaterals
– On the Grid: Spin a Figure and Draw
– Analyzing and Classifying Shapes
– Musical Math: Congruent or Not
– Drawing Congruent Figures
– I Can Identify Congruent Shapes
– 3D Shape Poster
– Construct and Analyze 3D Shapes
– Geometry Assessment
– Measure the Area Minilesson
– Gaps? Overlaps? Measure!
– Missing Square Units
– Find the Area of the Figure: counting half units
– My Area Friend
– Create a Figure and Measure the Area
– Area of Rectangles (relating to repeated addition and multiplication)
– Crack the Area (using Cheezits to find the area of figures)
– Multiply to find the Area
– Area Word Problems
– Roll it! Draw it! Measure it! game
– I can find the area of a rectangle (using multiplication)
– Estimate and Measure the area
– Area Match
– Area Assessment
– Area of Rectangles and Changing Dimensions
– Park it! Creating Rectangles and Changing Dimensions
– Area of Rectangles with multiplication
– Finding the Pattern: Using tables to find patterns in area
– Finding the Pattern Scoot: Growing Area
– Patterns in Tables
– Partitioning Shapes to Find the Area
– Partitioning the Shape Scoot: Using Fractions to Describe Area
– Dividing figures into parts with equal area
– Relating Figures, Fractions, and Area
– Finding the Area of Combined Rectangles
– Breaking Apart Rectangles to find the Area
– Area Assessment
– Finding the Perimeter with shapes on a grid
– Perimeter on a grid Scoot
– Perimeter Power
– Perimeter People
– Perimeter with Legos
– Draw and Measure Perimeter
– Creating Shapes with Matching Area and Perimeter
– Bursting Over Perimeter
– On the Hunt for Perimeter (missing sides)
– Area or Perimeter?
– Dare to Compare: relating area and perimeter
– Perimeter Assessment

What is the Magic of Math?
The Magic of Math is a series of math lesson plans and activities that can be used as your math curriculum or as a supplement to the program that you are already using. We provide the daily lesson plans, word problem, mini-lesson, activity, and interactive notebook entries for four weeks at a time. If you don’t have time for it all, that’s okay too! You can just pick and choose the pieces that you want to incorporate into your math block!

Are these activities repeats from other units you have?
Absolutely NOT! We create all new activities for each Magic of Math unit. They are all unique to this purchase and are not copy/pasted from things we have previously made.

What is the difference between Magic of Math and other units you have?

Magic of Math is organized as daily lesson plans with everything you need rather than just activities.

It is NOT a collection of worksheets. You will not find any worksheets in this series. Instead we use games, hands-on activities, engaging mini-lessons, and interactive notebooks to build our curriculum. We do try to keep in mind the amount of prep that is involved with the lessons, but some things will need to be printed, cut, and put together to use in your classroom.

Want to know more about Magic of Math?  You can find a blog post about it HERE!

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