Write On! Overview and Standards



In this document you will find the unit focus, standards, and outlines for each of the Write On! Units. All of the unit overviews are included as well as CC and TEKS.

*The new TEKS are now in a separate PDF within the zip folder*

Check out the individual units below:
WRITE ON! Writing Bootcamp Unit 1
WRITE ON! Personal Narratives Unit 2
WRITE ON! How To Writing Unit 3
WRITE ON! Informational Writing Unit 4
WRITE ON! Research UNIT 5
WRITE ON! Autobiographies and Biographies Unit 6
WRITE ON! Opinion Writing with Persuasive and Letter Writing Unit 7
WRITE ON! Poetry Unit 8
WRITE ON! Fiction Writing Unit 9
WRITE ON! Fairy Tale Writing Unit 10
WRITE ON! End of the Year Writing Unit 11

If you have purchased the individual units you do not need to purchase the bundle.

These units were written by Hope King and Amy Lemons.


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