Write On! Unit 5: Research {Animal Research and Continent Research}



Are you looking to spice up your writing block with fun, engaging, and meaningful activities? This is UNIT FIVE of an 11 unit series. This unit will guide your students in research and writing over two topics: Animal Research, Continent Research

Here’s a peek at the lessons:
Weeks 1/2
-Brainstorming animal types
-Brainstorming Chart
-Posters for: What Researchers Do and Questions Researchers Ask
-Schema Chart for Animal Research
-Schema Jeep Craft
-Writing Brochure for Animal Research
-Safari Friend Publishing Craft
-Recap and Explore activity for research follow-up

Weeks 3/4
-Travel Pack: Students create backpack for continent traveling
-Brainstorming: Stamping Out Ideas
-Travel Post Cards to narrow fact finding
-Magnifying Glass Fact Finder Craft
-QR Code Strips for Continent Research
-Revising with Paragraph Writing (adding explanations and details)
-Globe Craft for Published Continent Writing

Included in this unit:
-I Can Statements
-Daily Lesson Plans that include everything you need for minilessons, independent practice, and share time.
-Standards for TEKS and Common Core
-Materials for anchor charts
-Graphic Organizers and Student Printables
-Brainstorming Charts and Activities
-Rough Draft Writing Pieces
-Focus on Researching
-Close Editing Strategies
-Final Publishing Paper and Craft
-Single Column Rubrics
-4 how to writing prompts to display and prompt strips for student journals (with QR codes for research)

In each unit you will guide your students through brainstorming, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. In this specific unit your students will also become research experts!

Write On Components:
-How to group students
-Writing Folder Materials
-Status of the Class Materials
-Writing Templates
-Setting Goals Anchor Chart Materials
-How to Use Rubrics
-How to Set Up Your Writing Block

This unit was made by Hope King and Amy Lemons! We hope you enjoy! There is a lot included in this unit, so make sure you check out the preview!


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