Engagement Made Easy: 6 Candy STEAM Projects



These six candy-themed Science Experiments and STEAM Activities can be done during a Fun Friday or throughout the week during your science block. We have structured the lessons to where it will work for both! Pick whether you want your students to have the booklet, Sci-Fri printable, or individual graphic organizers and get ready to have some science fun with your students!

This unit can be used across many grade levels. With the younger grades, this is all about exposure. If your students don’t understand everything about the concept behind the experiment, that’s okay! It’s all about allowing your students to explore science. With older students, they will dig deeper into the concept and skill. We have provided three different response sheets based on how deep you wish to go with your students.

So what does each activity include:
– Lesson Plans
– Pictures, Examples, and Instructions
– Graphic Organizers or Recording Sheets (Different types of writing lines for lower and upper grades)
– Student Booklet with an explanation of the experiment, reading passage, materials and steps, and student response pages

– Candy Maker Hat Template included

The 6 activities included:
Candy Cars: Students learn about sticky candy and engineer their own car
All the Bubbles: Students learn about gas while seeing which candies have the greatest reaction when mixed with soda
Nautical Nightmare: Students construct their own boat to hold candy, learn about buoyancy and density (older kids: buoyancy and density, younger kids: floating and buoyancy)
Don’t Get Trapped: Students learn about product making and testing while constructing their very own candy maze
Yummy Gummy: Students observe what happens to gummy bears when added to different liquids (older kids: osmosis, younger kids: expanding and shrinking)
The Great Candy Drop!: Students observe what happens to different candy items when dropped into a cup of water (older kids: density, younger kids: floating and sinking)

You will need to purchase candy items to do the experiments and STEAM projects included in this unit.


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