Engagement Made Easy: Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Activities



Looking to start your year with a BANG? With over ten Back to School activities, this pack will kickstart your year in the right direction!

Your students will get to know one another, play cooperative games, learn information about their classmates, complete STEM projects, follow the steps to creating a recipe, go through character education lessons, and so much more!

Here are the ten activities that are included:

  • Get To Know You SNAP! (Played Like Uno): Card Game that students play to get to know one another. As students play they are sharing information about themselves.
  • Play-Dough Puzzlers: Ten STEM Challenges that students will complete with their team using play-dough. (10 Challenges, What We Learned Booklet, Recording Sheet)
  • Hit The Target (GOAL Setting Activity): Students complete a STEM project to understand how to set goals. Then students will identify a goal they want to focus on for the year. Students complete the target craft to write how they will take the steps to complete the goal.
  • Yolo for Yoko (Book needed: Yoko by Rosemary Wells): Students learn an important lesson about making bold choices and accepting differences. Students help complete a classroom chart. Students then make a Menu to identify three new things that they would like to give a try this year. We also have a sushi craft to display with the booklet.
  • Friendship Sushi: Students make sushi (out of candy and other items) There are poems that match each step of the recipe. Students will also create a How-To Booklet to write about the steps to creating Friendship Sushi
  • Cootie Catchers: There are three different Cootie Catchers that students can make. Students will learn how to fold and use the cootie catchers. These games have 8 “Get To Know You” questions on each one.
  • Riding Into a New Year: Bus Directed Drawing and Writing Pages
  • Classroom Riddles: 5 Riddles that students will answer by unscrambling letters. Students do this as a team.
  • This Year Will Rock: Rock and Roll Photo Booth Props (microphone, glasses, guitar, speech bubbles), Bulletin Board Letters: ____ Grade will Rock, Rockstar Craft for boys and girls, Writing Pages
  • Don’t Sink My Ship (Played like Battleship): Students play the game to get to know a classmate and students use the Get to Know You Cards to answer questions about themselves while playing.
  • All About Me Bags: Students create a bag with information about themselves. There are templates to make the bags. Choose one student a day so that students can share fun facts about them with the class.
  • Quality Character: This last activity is actually TEN days worth of lessons and activities! Students will read books to learn different character education lessons. There is a focus for the minilesson, pennant banners to hang, quality character bracelets for the kids to wear, and a booklet with graphic organizers.


Books Needed for these 10 lessons:
The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy
Stand in My Shoes by Bob Sornson
Bubble Gum Brain by Julia Cook
Teamwork Isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to Share by Julia Cook
My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook
Yoko by Rosemary Wells

Pennants, Booklet, and Bracelet Topics: Think Positive Thoughts, Use Positive Words, No Bullies Zone, Choose Kind, Enjoy the Ride, Have Courage, Show Empathy, Make Mistakes, Work as a Team, Respect Others,

This unit was made by Hope King and Amy Lemons. Make sure to look through the preview to see everything included! We hope you enjoy it!


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