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Digital Activities for Multiplication and Division (SEESAW, GOOGLE SLIDES, PP)



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BUNDLE: Digital Math Activities (SEESAW, Google Slides, PP)

Are you looking for digital activities to practice multiplication and division? These 4 activities involve students the introduction of multiplication and division! All 4 activities are provided in PowerPoint, SEESAW, and Google Slides.

All the Info:
Power Point Users: There are 4 files that you can simply open up and use… or add them to your Google Account/Platform of choice
SEESAW Users: These activities are preloaded. With just a click (that is provided) you can save and assign the activities
GOOGLE Users: You can download the files directed to your Google account with just the click of a button! Or you can manually add the PowerPoints if you prefer that!
VIDEO Directions: I have included a screen recording video for all three platforms listed above so that you know exactly how to use these resources.

About the Activities (That can be used in SEESAW, GOOGLE Classroom, or through PowerPoint):
*All activities have 13 slides. The first slide is an example slide so students know exactly what to do!

1. How Many in All?: Students are given a multiplication word problem and a picture that matches. Students drag the numbers to complete the statement for _ groups of _. Then students drag the numbers to create a multiplication equation that matches the word problem and picture.

2. Making Equal Groups: Students are give a statement for __ groups of __. Students drag the circles to make their “groups of.” Students drag the cupcakes to put objects into each group. Students type an equation that matches the picture they created.

3. Divide it Out!: Students are given a set of groups. Students are given a specific amount of stars. Students divide the stars by dragging them into the groups. Students type the answer to the division equation.

4. Feed Me! Feed Me! Division: Students are given a word problem and creatures to feed. Students drag the donuts to the creatures’ mouths based on what the word problem says to do. Students type a division equation that matches the word problem and picture.

*This purchase is for SINGLE USE ONLY. To share with other teachers or teammates, an additional license will need to be purchased.

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