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Reading Activities for Nonfiction Features



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Reading Activities BUNDLE

Are you struggling to find printablesactivitieslessons, and ideas to teach the reading skill of utilizing Nonfiction Text Features while reading a text? This Digital and Printable Reading Toolkit will give you mini-lessons, reading response worksheets, anchor charts, and more to help target using Nonfiction Text Features while reading.

This Reading Toolkit provides digital and printable resources for comprehension skills.  Think of this as a Reading Comprehension Toolkit.  These are activities that are NOT book  specific.  Here are some of the things you’ll find in our Reading Comprehension Toolkits:

  • Video mini-lessons of Katie and Amy teaching the skill
  • Digital and Printable reading response activities
  • Digital and Printable anchor charts
  • Digital Interactive activities to practice the skill
  • Digital and Printable comprehension activities
  • Reading Passages that correlate with each skill
  • Directed Drawings that correlate with each skill
  • Chants (with videos) to reinforce the comprehension skill 
  • Digital and Printable Exit Tickets
  • AND MORE (read below for specifics)

This resource is a part of a BUNDLE. You can find that HERE!

This teaching resource is NOT a set of lesson plans. This is a set of activities that can be used when you are focusing on Nonfiction Text Features. They can be used throughout a unit of study OR they can be used throughout the year as you are reading books in class. We wanted to give you EVERYTHING you could ever need for a comprehension skill.

The digital activities come in three formats:
1. PowerPoints are found in the zip file.
2. Google Slide Links are found throughout the PDF.
3. Seesaw Links are found throughout the PDF.
For Google Slides and Seesaw, you simply click and save/assign to your class.

Here’s what is included:
Nonfiction Text Features Chant with Teaching Video
Nonfiction Text Feature Focus Posters (Included: Nonfiction, Facts, True, False, Nonfiction is Different, Table of Contents, Photograph, Labels, Captions, Diagrams, Maps, Time-Line, Close-Ups, Bold Print, Headings, Subheadings, Electronic Menu, Charts and Graphs, Glossary, Index, Icons)
NF Text Feature Match Digital Anchor Chart (Features: Caption, Diagram, Glossary, Photograph, Index, Timeline, Map, Table of Contents (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
Take a Close Look Digital Anchor Chart (can be used with any text feature)(PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
NF Text Feature Anchor Chart (Printable)
Information From Visuals Anchor Chart (Printable)
Text Features BookmarksT (Printable)
•Nonfiction Text Features Printables
Caption This Interactive Digital Activity (Feature: Captions and Photographs) (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
Click and Explore Interactive Digital Activity (For this activity students navigate an electronic menu, hyperlink, search bar, map, chart, and more) (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
Focus on the Features Interactive Digital Activity (Features: Table of Contents, Index, Maps) (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•Nonfiction Activity: Volcanoes Interactive Digital Activity (Features: Photographs, Table of Contents, Map, Diagram and Labels, Timeline, Glossary) (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•Volcano Nonfiction Reader (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
Where Did I Get My Thinking? Interactive Digital Activity (Features: Using visuals to expand your thinking) (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•Labeling and Diagrams Interactive Digital Activity (PPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•4 Level 1 Passages (PrintablePPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•4 Level 2 Passages (PrintablePPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•4 Level 3 Passages (PrintablePPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•Exit Tickets for Nonfiction Text Features (Features: Hyperlinks, Diagram, Glossary, Electronic Menu, Table of Contents, 3 General Exit Tickets) (PrintablePPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)
•5 Digital and Printable Reading Response Sheets for Nonfiction Text Features (PrintablePPT, Seesaw, Google Slides)

Please check out the preview! It is very detailed and shows everything that we include in this resource!

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