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Rooted in Reading Kindergarten October: Read Aloud Lessons and Activities



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Rooted in Reading Kindergarten: The Bundle

Calling all Kindergarten Teachers who are ready to TRANSFORM their ELA block! Rooted in Reading for Kindergarten gives you everything you need to facilitate a love of reading in your classroom.  We’ve got lesson plans, activities, crafts, and printables that focus around a read-aloud story each week.  The teacher READS the book throughout the week and models how to think deeply, ask questions, monitor comprehension, and so much more.  Each week we focus on different comprehension skills and strategies that will take your little learners on a reading journey like never before.  All lesson plans and activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards and TEKS.  This can be used as a stand alone curriculum OR as a supplemental curriculum.  You can do ALL of what we include or pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your students!  Want to know more?  Check out below!

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The description below AND the PREVIEW are VERY detailed.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible!  Please check out the description and preview if you have any questions about the unit!

Books needed for October (In order of how we suggest teaching the books):
The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen
Hippos are Huge by Jonathan London
Quit Calling Me a Monster by Jory John
Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht

KINDERGARTEN Rooted in Reading Units:
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Ⓠ What is included in the SEPTEMBER unit? 
Ⓐ: Look below!
● Daily Lesson Plans for 4 Weeks
● Book Question Cards
● Reading Sentences/Sentence Stems
● Comprehension Assessment
● Take Home Readers that Match the Nonfiction Reader Topic

● Comprehension Focuses:
Making Predictions
Nonfiction Text Features
Mental Images
Rhyme and Rhythm

● Comprehension Printables/Interactive Notebooks:
Predicting Digital Poster
Judge a Book Printable
Prediction Digital Poster
Prediction Images
I Predict Printable
Why Predict Digital Poster
My Lightbulb Moment Printable
Nonfiction Digital Poster
What I Learned Printable
Nonfiction is Different Digital Poster
Nonfiction Purpose Digital Poster
Why Hippos? printable
Mental Images Digital Poster
Mental Images Change Digital Poster
Make Connections Digital Poster
Mental Images Printable
Mental Images Change Printable
Mental Image Pictures Printable
Rhyme Digital Poster
Rhyming Flap-book
Rhyming Phrases Digital Poster
What Rhymes Printable
Rhythm Digital Poster
The Squirrel Poem and Printable

● Nonfiction Readers 
These come in a printable and projectable version.  There is a NF reader that the teacher READS with the students.  There is also a Take-Home reader that the students read with on-level content.
Surprisingly Smart Animals
Enormous Elephants

● Anchor Charts
The Anchor Charts have all pieces included needed to make the anchor chart as well as cards for students to respond with.
I Can Make Predictions
Surprisingly Smart Animals
All About Nonfiction
Let’s Compare Animals: Hippos and Elephants
Our Mental Images
Our Terrific Teeth
Words That Rhyme
All About Farmers

● Vocabulary
4 Vocabulary Picture Cards with Definitions for each book
4 Vocabulary Writing Prompts
Vocabulary Anchor Chart with picture cards
Vocabulary Picture/Word Match

● Directed Drawings (with writing pages)
The directed drawings have step by step picture instructions for the teacher to guide the students through.

● Crafts (with writing pages)
The crafts include a printable version that can be colored AND a cut/glue option.
Toothbrush Booklet

● Foundational Skills:  Rhyming
-Rhyming Digital Chart
-Rhyming Pocket Chart Materials
-Rhyming Yes or No Printables
-Rhyming Match it Up Printables
-Rhyming Draw and Label Printables
-Does it Rhyme Printables

● Grammar:  Capitals in Sentences
Capital Focus Poster
Sentence Pocket Chart Sort
Printable:  I Can Write Sentences
Printable:  Make a Sentence
Printable:  Sentence Puzzle
Printable:  Sentence Sort
Printable: Capitals Assessment

● Grammar:  Ending Punctuation
Periods Focus Poster
Sentence Pocket Chart Sort
Printable:  I Can Use Punctuation
Printable:  Make a Sentence
Printable:  Sentence Puzzle
Printable:  Please Fix Me
Printable: Punctuation Assessment

● Grammar:  Capitalize I
Capitalize I Focus Poster
Sentence Pocket Chart Sort
Printable:  Find Capital I
Printable:  Thumbs Up or Down
Printable:  Please Fix Me
Printable: Sentences with I Assessment

● Grammar: Creating Sentences
Sentence Digital Poster
Not a Sentence Digital Poster
Printable:  Where are the Sentences?
Printable:  Pumpkin Sentences
Printable:  Am I a Sentence?
Printable:  I Can Find Sentences Sort
Printable:  Sentences Assessment

● Daily Deep Dive:  Mentor Sentence
Each week we take a sentence from the book or inspired by the book.  This sentence is the anchor for the sentence study.
Pocket Chart Sentence Cards to Build the Sentence Together
Replacing Words Cards
Printable:  Write the Sentence and Draw a Picture
Printable:  Cut and Glue the Sentence.  Write the Sentence.

Ⓠ There is SO much included, how do I fit it all in?
Ⓐ:  Please do NOT feel like you have to do everything we put into the units.  We try to include everything that a teacher might want, but we realize it is A LOT!  We suggest combing through the units, looking at the expectations of your school/district/state, and deciding which activities would be best for your students.  We do NOT recommend printing class sets of everything, hoping to get to it all.  Choose the things that you think YOUR students need, that will be most beneficial, and start there!  Several components can be used during stations, for morning work, or even as homework.  Others you may choose to just set aside for another time or not use at all!  That’s okay!  We want this to work for you AND your students!

Ⓠ What is included in the Kinder units
Ⓐ:  Each book unit (so 4 a month) will include:  
⇢Daily Lesson Plans for Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, and the Daily Deep Dive
⇢Book Question Cards for Classroom Discussion
⇢Comprehension Focus Digital Posters
⇢Comprehension Printables and/or Interactive Notebook Templates
⇢Comprehension Assessment for the Weekly Read Aloud
⇢Reading Passage with Questions
⇢Anchor Chart Templates
⇢Nonfiction Reader
⇢Nonfiction Take Home Reader
⇢Vocabulary Picture Cards with Word, Picture, Definition
⇢Vocabulary Writing Prompts
⇢Vocabulary Writing Prompts
⇢Vocabulary Printables/Assessments
⇢Craft with Writing Pages
⇢Directed Drawing with Writing Pages
⇢Foundational Skills Focus Digital Posters
⇢Foundational Skills Printables/Activities
⇢Grammar Focus Digital Posters
⇢Grammar Printables/Activities
⇢Daily Deep Dive with Mentor Sentences

Ⓠ How are these units different from your other grade level units?
Ⓐ:  We have followed the same format as our other grade levels, but we have made it developmentally appropriate for a Kindergarten classroom.  We do not choose read alouds that are on a Kindergarten reading level because the teacher is reading the story to the class, and guiding their discussions, BUT the activities that correlate with the read aloud are Kinder appropriate.  We believe that books read aloud should vary in level so that ALL students benefit from the instruction.  Here are some minor differences in the Kinder units:
➧Lined Writing Pages and Sentence Starters
➧Printables have very little cutting involved.  If there is cutting, it is very basic.
➧Many options for drawing or writing when responding to the text
➧Foundational Skills Included
➧Directed Drawings have simplified steps and a starting page
➧Crafts are easy to cut and assemble or they can simply be colored
➧Vocabulary Cards have pictures
➧Kinder appropriate activities, assessments, passages, and more

Please note: We provide resources/printables for foundational skills. However, we do not claim that this is a complete phonics program. Rooted in Reading was built to address the comprehension, vocabulary, and language standards. Many schools and districts have very specific plans for foundational skills/phonics. Our goal is to simply provide extra materials for teachers to use during their phonics instruction.


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