5 Digit Numbers: Place Value Party Activities



Are you ready to have a Place Value Party? This resource has FIVE engaging and interactive activities that your students are sure to love! Here’s what is included:

– Place Value Party Banner (black and white)
– Place Value Pastry: Students create a cupcake with any size number. Students will show the standard form, word form, expanded form (either expanded form or notation versions), plus 1,000, minus 1,000, and rounded form
– Dignified Digits Crown: use for ordering and comparing numbers, looking at the place value of 5-digit numbers (also blank templates that can be used with any size of number). Place Value Concepts: place value discs, less than, greater than, expanded form, expanded notation, standard form (25 number options included: all 5 Digit Numbers)
– Place Value Balloons: 20 place value tasks that can be placed in a balloon. Blow up the balloon. Pop. Complete the task! (Greater/Less Than, Number Order, Rounding to the Ten and Hundred, Expanded Notation, Expanded Form, Word Form, Place Value of Digits, Plus and Minus 1,000)
– Pin the Hat on the Clown: Students listen to a description of a number. If their number is being described, students bring up their hat and pin it on the clown! 32 place value tasks included: expanded form, expanded notation, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, word form, place value of digits,
– Riddle Me This: 20 Task Cards with Rounding to the Nearest Ten And Hundred- Students visit a card, look at the rounding description, and highlight the number shown on their chart. Their mystery picture will reveal the answer to the riddle!

*Please Note: The numbers included in this unit are 5-Digit Numbers.
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