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Our First Day

I survived the first day of school and am actually awake to blog about it!  I’d say that is a success in and of itself!  Our day went by so fast and furious that I barely had time to breathe!  I talked more than I ever will on a normal day and tried to cover all of the basics… bathroom, drink, kleenex, pencil, lining up, recess, lunch and all other procedures!  
When my students walked in I had their locker nameplates ready for them to color.  I actually got these laminated after school and will be hanging them up tomorrow!  I’m exciting to have even more kid-art hanging up in my room 🙂
Since our first day of school morning procedures take a good hour I also had our Back to School Memory books on their desks.  We worked on our covers and self portraits!
Once everyone was in the classroom we started our first day read aloud.  I’m so happy I stumbled upon this book and unit from Linda Kamp because it was the best first day read aloud EVER!  I made a huge deal about my kiddos doing all these fun things while I had to WAIT and WAIT on them!  They were all over the world… Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Florida, California, New Mexico.  I also mentioned that I will definitely be traveling with them next year instead of working all summer 😉  It was so funny watching their reaction to my overly dramatic behavior 🙂
My kiddos wrote one sentence to tell me what they had been doing and where they were while I was waiting!
I wanted to extend on their summer plans and incorporate our school theme of superheroes for an activity that I could display in the hallway.  So, I called on all of my uber-talented teacher friends… and Deanna Jump came to my rescue!  She made this cutie patootie superhero craft that was perfect for today!
 I was able to notice right away the type of writers I have in my class.  I have so many different levels, especially with about 20 native English speakers, 3 ESL students, and 18 native Spanish speakers!  Such a variety!

 They look absolutely precious hanging up in our hallway!  To make this bulletin board I used wrapping paper, burlap chevron ribbon (from Wal-Mart), Superhero clipart from Krista Wallden (blown up), and fonts from Kimberly Geswein!

OH, and this happened today!  You can read about Joelle’s first day of Kinder HERE!

Phew!  Now I’m tired and ready for that nap!  We have a week full of fun activities that I just can’t wait to do!  


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  1. I'm so tickled you used my unit and hope your kiddos had fun! The responses I got from my class were hilarious and kept me giggling all day! I love your superhero bulletin board! It looks like you had a fantastic first day!


  2. Everything you did on your first day is impressive! Please share where you got locker name tags. Thanks in advance! Evelyn

  3. I love your creativity with your kiddos, Amy! I especially love your first day activity of coloring their names when they come in! Did you use a particular font to create them yourself? I have scoured the internet for something like that! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas! ~Tracy

  4. I would love to purchase the template you used as well! Is it in your TPT shop or Deanna Jump's? I can't seem to find it. Thank you so much!