Number Line Favorites!

This week has been ALL about the number line.  We’re talking about #s before, #s after, even/odd, number order, and all the like!
It’s been a nice break from place value.  Fairly certain I dream about ones, tens, and hundreds.  Next week we are heading back into the PV world with thousands, so this week was a much needed break!  And, like I tell my kids… we pretty much ALWAYS deal with place value because when numbers are involved, so is PV!
Anyways, my number line has been the gathering spot of the classroom this week.  So glad it’s down low and accessible.  We refer to it all throughout the day.
We started the week making our own number lines from 0-20.  I gave each student a sentence strip, and a number line they made!  We used Do-A-Dots to code our even/odd numbers.
We also played a class favorite:  Even Steven, Odd Todd.
One of our math stations is putting together hundreds puzzles.  These are from Primary Punch, and my students LOVE them!
We also colored a page of numbers by even/odd and then ordered the numbers from least to greatest on a sentence strip.  I can’t find these numbers for the life of me, but here are some even/odd freebies HERE.
Even number oder on one side, odd numbers on the other!
We’ve also been hard at work identifying patterns in number lines and missing numbers.  This is HARD stuff, so we’ve started out small during our whole group time.  I found these number line cards HERE.  I displayed a number line on my screen, and passed out the missing number answer cards to my class.  My students drew the number line on their white boards, and we found the missing numbers.  The person with the missing numbers came and added it to our pocket chart.  If only every number line counted by ones we would be golden….
Hard at work solving the problems!
And that about does it!  Nothing fancy or cute, just getting down to business!  If you are looking for a fun game to play, this is always a class favorite!  I need to get it out for this year!  You can read more about that HERE!
And, I’ve made a printable version of the game so that you can display it on your projector, or laminate and have the kiddos play with a partner!  You can grab that HERE!
And here’s a little poster you can display when teaching about number lines/missing numbers!  Click HERE for that!
Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Ahh! Thanks so much for the shout-out for my hundreds board puzzles. Those were always a favorite with my kiddos too, I'm glad to see yours love them as much as mine!

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