5 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for School with Book Recommendations

Books and St. Patrick's Day activities for school

In case you didn’t know, elementary students love all the colorful, mischievous, and silly elements that make St. Patrick’s Day so popular! Though these fanciful elements hook our students’ attention, learning about Irish culture and traditions is an important part of it too. There are many St. Patrick’s Day activities for school that will help all those elements come together.

Here are a few teacher-loved St. Patrick’s Day activities that incorporate important holiday elements while teaching essential skills. Pair these with a few loved St. Patrick’s Day books!

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St. Patrick's Day book display on acrylic shelves.

The Book: Fiona’s Luck

Lesson: Characteristics of a Folktale

Exposing students to other cultures and experiences is so important outside and inside the classroom. Instead of diving right into rainbows and pots of gold, it’s a great idea to teach students about Irish folktales. 

Irish folklore is an important part of Irish culture and a unique way to let students in on what’s happening in a world different than their own. Not to mention, that’s how we learned about leprechauns!

St. Patrick's Day book Fiona's Luck

Fiona’s Luck is an Irish folktale-inspired story that has all the components needed to both introduce students to this cultural symbol and teach students how to identify the characteristics of a folktale.

St. Patrick's Day activities for school featuring reading comprehension lessons for characteristics of a folktale.

Before and after reading the story, guide your students through a lesson on folktales. Use a folktale poster as a visual for identifying folktale types and characteristics.

As students are reading, have them identify the folktale characteristics they notice throughout the book. You can use a simple flapbook for students to organize their ideas.

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The Book: Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato

Lesson: Character Analysis and Change

Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato is another Irish folklore-inspired read. The main character is a lazy man named Jamie O’Rourke. He was too lazy to do anything, even helping his wife tend to their farm. But a chance encounter with a leprechaun leads to something big.

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato picture book with St. Patrick's Day activities for school.

Each character in the story has distinct personalities that are seen throughout the story. Students can observe these characters as they read and then detail their character traits at various moments within the book.

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato picture book with St. Patrick's Day activities for school.

As students identify Jamie’s character traits, they can observe how his character may or may not change throughout the story. They can detail this character at the beginning and end of the story to show any changes they observed.

In the beginning, Jamie is lazy and unhelpful. Did this change at the end? What challenges did he face? How did they affect his character and role in the story?

Allow students to ponder these questions as they retell the story and analyze the characters.

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The Book: That’s What Leprechauns Do

Lesson: Identifying Character Traits

Now, St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of those mischievous leprechauns. That’s What Leprechauns Do is a perfect read-aloud for keeping up with their hilarious shenanigans which means students will love this book and whatever lesson accompanies it.

That's What Leprechauns Do Book for St. Patrick's Day

Because the personalities of these conning figures are so prominent, this book is perfect for guiding a lesson on character traits. Identifying these characters’ feelings, values, strengths, weaknesses, etc. is easy for students to notice while reading this story because their shenanigans are so vividly displayed.

St. Patrick's Day activities for school kids  in elementary featuring the book That's What Leprechauns Do

Begin your lesson with a visual to help define character traits, such as a digital poster. Using prior knowledge, students can first, describe what they think leprechauns are like. After finishing the story, students can detail the leprechaun characters and the traits they noticed about each. 

Afterward, you can have a brief discussion about what they initially thought about leprechauns and what they learned about them in the story. In addition, students can recall parts of the story, like the setting and their favorite parts.

For additional activities featuring That’s What Leprechauns Do plus more, check out our 2nd Grade Rooted in Reading lesson plans and comprehension activities for March.

The Book: The Worst Luck

Lesson: Solving Math Word Problems

The Worst Luck Book is an interactive read that works great for fun reading time with your students! The infamous rock, Nameless (from the Entire World Book series), is stuck in the unluckiest place in the world…according to them.

The Worst Luck Book for St. Patrick's Day read-alouds

The themes often associated with St. Patrick’s Day – leprechauns, clovers, pots of gold, rainbows, etc. – represent an amusing side of the holiday. The book is very expressive and engaging much like that but with a humdrum main character that makes it hilarious. In the story, a curious clover needs Nameless’ help finding the end of a rainbow!

The rainbow is a kid-favorite St. Patrick’s Day symbol and a wonderful choice to accompany this read.

Rainbow math activity for St. Patrick's Day

Students can model the fun with a rainbow math craftivity. With the rainbow math activity, students will solve word problems to earn the pieces for a rainbow craft. 

How it works:

  • Spread 6 task cards around the room.
  • Each card has a word problem to solve.
  • Students go around the room completing each task and each correct answer earns a piece of the rainbow.
  • Students check their work and assemble their rainbows.

The rainbow represents a part of the fun of St. Patrick’s Day while also serving as an incentive for practicing essential math skills.

This Rainbow activity is our Solve to Create a Rainbow unit.

Free St. Patrick’s Day Activity

Here’s an activity that can be paired with any of the books mentioned in this post or others you have in your classroom library. This free pot of gold drawing adds a creative touch to your St. Patrick’s Day Activities for school!

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10 St Patricks Day Books and Activities

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