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Multiplication Madness!

I searched high and low to find some cute multiplication activities to hang up for open house. Without having much luck, I came up with the few shown below:
I found a multiplication poem in one of my Scholastic resource books. My students each had a line of the poem that they had to illustrate and write the multiplication sentence for!

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To add a little color, I came up with this Multiplication Bulletin Board. In partners, my students had to model a multiplication sentence using the dots on the mushrooms. Then, they made a small foldable to show their multiplication sentence and answer!
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Last, but not least… I found an activity similar to this in our math textbooks. My students were able to generate their multiplication sentence and picture. After they decided on how many coffee cups and marshmallows to use, they had to write an actual story problem.
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My students had a lot of fun with multiplication and I hope yours do too!


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  1. Hi Amy! (can you tell I've gotten the hang of this commenting thing?):-) What is the name of the poem you used for your multiplication story problems? The mushrooms are adorable…If you do it again, you should use a font similar to the one they use at Mellow Mushroom Pizza…just a thought! Thanks for the terrific ideas. I don't know how you find the time to do this…I'm appreciative though!

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