Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas?  I’ve got something new and a few oldies for ya!
Look how sweet this flower gift is that my mom came up with!  Oh, and those faces… #socute
My mom helped Joelle’s class make Mother’s Day gifts.  They put everything together for their flower pots and wrote a letter to their mothers.  Their attention to detail was perfection!
Joelle made her gift for her teacher since I already knew about it.  She thought of this all on her own, and made it a surprise… I thought that was just too precious!
 My mom purchased little clay pots, green basket filler, and green popsicle sticks.  The little clay pots are about 3 inches tall.
 I love seeing how they turned out.  The students took such ownership over every single part of their gift.  They wanted to make something beautiful for their mamas!  So stinkin sweet!  Click HERE to find this gift idea in my mom’s shop!
Here are some other ideas I’ve done in the past.
We studied similes and used this chart to brainstorm.  Find this idea HERE.
 These Mother’s Day Portraits are my FAVORITE!  So precious!
 Mamas sure do love anything that involves a fingerprint, handprint, or footprint!  Click HERE to see this Firefly Jar card!
Click HERE to see how we used adjectives to describe our moms!
I think I’ve literally done something different every single year that I’ve been in the classroom.  There are just so many fun ideas out there!

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