Measurement Activities {And a NEW Freebie!}

Measurement is one of my most favorite math concepts to teach.  Put a ruler in the hands of a student and they are as happy as a peach!  When Hope and I were putting together our 2nd Grade math unit on measurement we really wanted to make sure to pull together activities that were hands-on and engaging.  We also wanted to incorporate several skills in such as estimating, comparing, adding & subtracting, and more!  Here’s a little look at our favorite activities from Magic of Math Unit 6:
Students will create a robot then estimate and measure using inches.
Students create a City-Scape and estimate/measure the height of each building.  Afterwards students compare the heights of different buildings.
Students will also use a ruler to measure the lengths of different lines.
During Spin, Move, and Measure students decide which unit of measurement would be best to measure in.  Students also measure several of the objects that can be found around the classroom.
Using small cars, our friends will host a Meter Derby to measure the length their cars travel using meters.
Students also take a peek at Wacky Line Ups!  These pictures will give students a chance to measure objects that aren’t lined up perfectly on a ruler.
Building Lego Towers will give our friends an opportunity to estimate and measure using centimeters.
We will also work on comparing lengths in centimeters with a little Twizzler Station activity!
Students are always trying to sneak a little paper airplane making into their day, so why not give them the opportunity to do so?!  Paper airplanes will take flight and students will have a blast estimating and measuring!
 One of our other skills to master is measuring the area of a rectangle.  This also includes partitioning rectangles into equal parts.
Students create their very own dream room and measure the area of each object that they include!
Want an excuse to break out the chocolate?!  Using a Hershey’s bar, students will partition rectangles and find the area of each new shape using their candy bar 🙂
 We provide many opportunities for students to practice covering a shape appropriately to find the area of different sized rectangles.
 We just couldn’t leave out the cuteness!  Students create a dinosaur and estimate/measure the area of each part.
 Your little learners will become Area Royalty after they create their very own Area Crowns!
Let’s just face it, word problems can be such a bore, but goodness they are important!  We did try to take the pain out of it with different ways to attack those tricky things!
You can find all of the activities shown above HERE… plus there are SOOOO many more that we didn’t even show 🙂
As a little added bonus, I put together this Measurement Review that can be used after your students have learned how to measure length.  This can be displayed on the projector or used as a Scoot activity!  Find this freebie HERE!
Click HERE for a little Area FREEBIE
Need one more measurement activity to add to your teacher tool chest?  Click HERE to read all about a student-favorite… The Measurement Olympics!

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  1. You have provided some highly engaging activities! My class is going to love our measurement unit! Not only are the hands-on activities centered around topics that children are interested in, but I see potential for differentiated activities. How many students did you have working in each group? Did your class complete one activity a day? Did you have the children rotate between a variety of activities?