Introducing the Thousands!

How did I introduce place value to the thousands?  You ask?!  
We started with a new Place Value Pal.  I told the kids our little gang would be adding a new buddy this week, so they were already prepared to give a name!  We took suggestions (Thing, Thor, Thea, Thumb, and Thar) then voted.  Thor won by a LONG shot!  My kids said it’s actually very fitting because Thor is strong and powerful, much like the thousands place :))
We practiced building numbers with 4-digits, and talked about the value, expanded form, number words, etc.
 After that I had kids work in partners to make their very own little Thor the Thousand.  This is the first place value pal my students have made.  I did this so my kiddos would have a visual and something to refer back to while studying 4-digit numbers this week.  I wanted them to be excited and eager to make BIG numbers!
We watched this catchy video to start learning how to use commas in numbers.  My kiddos LOVED it!
 Then, I gave each student an index card with the place value lines drawn.  We labeled the thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones.  Each student chose their own number to make (up to 1,999).  We practiced reading our numbers to our partners AND to the class (This helped me know who can read 4-digit numbers immediately… HUGE eye opener!!!).  After all of that we worked on expanded form!  We go very slowly at first because this is all so new!
 After building numbers, making a model, singing a place value song, and making a number it was time to work on identifying numbers with place value blocks.  We used this sheet from Saddle Up For 2nd Grade!
It was a busy, busy day!!!  So far it looks like we will get it, but it may take some time!!!

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  1. Since I like the previous Blog on the place value people, I decided to continue watching as you added Thor thousand. This is such a cute idea. I agree that it is busy when as you add more place values, but yes the children are so excited and eager to learn these “Big” Numbers.