Frankenstein Poetry

This is a Review Week for the 3rd grade class that I’m working with.  Today, students needed to review understanding poetry for an upcoming test they are having.  Here’s what we did…

We read “When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid” by Kenn Nesbitt.  You can find the poem HERE.  As a group, we identified the rhyming pattern, stanzas, and lines.  We discussed the importance of being able to locate stanzas and lines quickly.  Students bracketed their stanzas (it’s in yellow so it’s difficult to see), and we highlighted the rhyming words.

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After reading the poem and discussing it as a class, we had five questions to answer.  Please note, I messed up on Flap 3, but I have fixed it!

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Students used their poem to locate the answers.  Then they lifted up the flap to answer the questions.

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Preparing for poetry on an assessment can be really boring.  What we see a lot of times is teachers showing students a poem (that is normally not of interest to the students) and having them answer multiple choice questions.  While that can be beneficial, sometimes it is nice to spice things up a little and do it in a different way.  Just using the flapbooks helped the students see it in a new way, so they were excited about analyzing the poem.


After students answered a question, they earned a piece to make their very own Frankenstein!

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Once all questions were answered, students had all of their pieces, and they were able to create their Frankenstein with the details of their choice 🙂

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The students really enjoyed the poem and the activities that went along with it.  You can click HERE to find the poem flapbook we used.  The Frankenstein craft came from our 2nd grade Rooted in Reading unit.  But, I also have one HERE.


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  1. Thank you for this!! I just changed my plans for tomorrow and made my own cutesy poem page with this poem.

  2. Amy, what a wonderful idea! Since Halloween is tomorrow I’m ready to go. Do you think you’ll have anything for Turkeys for 2nd grade? I appreciate all your TPT ideas!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Thank you so much! I am teaching 6th grade students who struggle in reading. This activity is perfect, especially after reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.