Fall Picture Books

Fall is such a wonderful time in the classroom. I spent some time today gathering up a list of my favorite fall picture books. Today I am sharing pumpkin and monster picture books along with some blog posts I’ve previously written! You can see all of my fall book picks in one easy click HERE.

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Let’s start with pumpkin books! Here are a few of the favorites we’ve read over the years:

The Ugly PumpkinPick a PumpkinToo Many Pumpkins

-The Very Best PumpkinPumpkin JackHow Many Seeds in a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Soup -The Biggest Pumpkin EverPumpkin Town

Now let’s throw it back to a pumpkin activity. My class was learning about proper nouns, so they created their very own pumpkin to write about. They had to use proper nouns in their writing. Find that post HERE.

Kids may be terrified of monsters under their beds, but they LOVE monster books! I’ve read so many good ones, but here are my top picks:

If Your Monster Won’t Go To Bed – Quit Calling Me a Monster

If I Had a GryphonMarilyn’s MonsterPeanut Butter and Jelly Brains

The Monsters’ MonsterEven Monsters Need Haircuts Monster Trouble

I Need My MonsterMonster’s New Undies

For this monster lesson we created monster bags. We were looking for character traits to describe each monster from the story. Students sorted the character traits by character! You can see more of that HERE!

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I hope you enjoy reading some of those fall picture books in your classroom!

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