Easy DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament for Kids

A snowman christmas ornament made by kids hangs on a decorated christmas tree.

Are you ready for this? I have the cutest Snowman Christmas ornament to make with kids!

Making Christmas ornaments with my kids and students of the past has been one of my favorite pastimes. There are so many easy ornament ideas that are low-cost and don’t require much adult intervention. Which is PERFECT for busy teachers!

This year I wanted to try my hand at a new ornament idea that could double as a unique winter craft for those students who don’t celebrate Christmas. Versatility in your activities and projects is key during this time of year, so even though I am all about Christmas this time of year, I still want to make sure I am supporting teachers who need something a bit different.

So, I gathered my kids for a fun night of ornament-making and documented the process for you to follow along! You’ll find everything you need below, plus I’ve included a bonus teacher (or other!) gift idea with a FREE tag for you to grab.

Snowman Ornament for Kids

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Would you just look at those smiling faces? They clearly had a blast making this kid-friendly snowman Christmas ornament! 

This is a simple and affordable ornament to make with kids that can tie knots and have strong fine motor skills, so keep that in mind when considering it for your classroom or home. You can always handle some of the prep work along the way, which is better suited for a smaller group of kids!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial, but I want to mention that I originally got this idea from Creating Me. She has the cutest ideas and I loved how these turned out.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Twine of your choice 
  • Wooden beads (I used THESE.)
  • Red/white and Green/white string for the tie (Check out THESE from Amazon.)
  • Felt pin or thin marker in black and orange

{Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links were used above. I only share resources I actually use and enjoy!}

To begin, you’ll want to cut the twine into 12-inch pieces and tie a knot at the bottom to keep the beads secure while building.

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After the twine is knotted, have your students add the beads. You should fit about 3 wooden beads per piece of twine like this.

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Next, you’ll want to tie a loop at the top of the ornament using the twine to keep all of the beads in place. 

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For added interest, add a bow between the first and second bead using the red or green string. You can start with a 12-inch string to ensure you have enough for the bow then cut off the ends to a length of your liking.

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Finally, students get to make their snowman come to life! Using a black pen or marker, make two dots for the eyes on the top bead. Then, draw a few small dots or a line in a semicircle along the bottom of the first bead to create the mouth.

Use the orange marker or pen to create the carrot nose and Voila! You have your snowman Christmas ornament for kids.


They look amazing hanging up on the Christmas tree! It can also be used as home décor, a winter themed book bag chain (just add an extra piece of twine to tie around the bookbag handle), and more!

Snow Globe Gift Idea with FREE Gift Tag Template

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Now for that gift idea! This is a double gift that can be used as a teacher’s gift or for anyone special in your life! Inside the globe, there’s a gift card. So, not only do they get the cutest handmade globe, but a gift card, too! However, the globe makes the cutest gift by itself.

Gifting gift cards can be tricky because some are of the opinion that they don’t have much thought to them (I beg to differ!) so this is just a nice option if you want to add some personalization to your gift. But it is totally optional.

Here’s a closer look at the snowglobe gift card holder and details on what’s inside. 

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During a recent trip to Target, I hit up the dollar spot and found the snow globe, two small trees, and a nutcracker from the dollar spot! So, it was super inexpensive and so easy to assemble. I added a Target gift card inside the globe and I’ll be gifting these to my kids’ teachers.

 I made a video tutorial of how I put this together on my Instagram page. Find that HERE.

I decided to create a fun gift tag to pair with it and thought the wording, “I hope your Christmas is Snow Much Fun!” would be perfect! 

But I am always thinking about my teacher-friends out there so I created a variety of sayings for Christmas gift tags that you can use, including using the word ‘Holiday’ instead of Christmas.

Just grab the FREEBIE tags right HERE. No sign-up is necessary!

I hope you get a chance to try this DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament for Kids. And don’t be shy, let me know how it goes! By the way, you can find even more kid-friendly ornament ideas in THIS post.

Not quite ready for this Snowman Christmas ornament idea for kids? Save the image below to use it later!

snowman diy ornament for kids 1

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