Chocolate Fever Fun!

Oh my goodness y’all.  This week has been such a whirlwind… I don’t even know how those of you with 6-10 snow days function!  We had two and I swear I can’t catch my breath!  It doesn’t help that I’m also trying to get things ready for Open House.  We have 8 more school days to whip things together and get everything up on display!
For reading I wanted to showcase our Chocolate Fever Novel Unit.  Normally I wouldn’t go all out like this, BUT I have tried to think of everything possible that we could do to impress our parents, ha!
After a couple of chapters we wrote letters to Henry to show our sympathy for his Chocolate Fever.  I told my students to offer him a little encouragement… after all, he does have chocolate seeping out of his body!!!
 Some of the letters were just as precious as can be.  I love watching my students connect with a character and get excited about reading!!!  I think they will be very sad when we finish our book tomorrow!  We also pretended that we were the doctor prescribing a cure for Henry.
 The letter paper is from The Teacher Wife.  The pill activity is from my Chocolate Fever unit.  Look at this sweet letter… “God will help you, he’s right there with you, don’t worry!”  Oh my preciousness!!!
 Prescribing a cure…
 Tomorrow we will finish our book, eat some Hugs and Kisses, and then write some final recommendations for Henry.  Their recommendations will look a little different than my example.  I want them to think beyond the book and the cure they had originally prescribed.
 We used the character traits from Hope’s unit for this next activity.  My students made a quick Henry Green to display with the character traits.  I had them find textual evidence for each character trait they decided to put in their pocket.  This was a great activity for re-reading and locating details in our text!
Probably my favorite activity was making a self-to-text connection with our very own book cover!  I used the little people templates from The Teacher Wife.  My students absolutely loved making these!
 After coming up with their very own “Fever” they made their cover, and then a little snapshot of their pretend book.


7849e chocolate2bfever2b9
 My students wrote about the supporting characters, the illness, the cure, and the setting.  The little girl above had her story take place in Hot Dog Village… absolutely perfect!
And, who would have thought a 2nd grader would come up with Cilantro Fever?!  I love it!!!
You can get some of the papers for the activities above HERE.  I put everything I made into one easy document.  If I didn’t include it then it either belonged to someone else and I linked above, or it wasn’t something I could share!  If you haven’t read Chocolate Fever with your class, I highly recommend it.  It has great vocabulary and a story that you just can’t help but love!



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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love it! When you do this novel unit, dose every child have a book? I would love to do novel units where every student has a book in their hands but find it hard to get all of the books.