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Black History Picture Books

One of my favorite things to do as a teacher was compile a collection of books to display in the classroom. I would scour the school library and my classroom library to highlight a specific author, topic, or skill. The books were always placed at the front of the room on display so that my students could explore those books during their free reading time. Now as a mom and teacher-author, I still thoroughly enjoy gathering books to share with my kids and other teachers.

The other day I was looking in our library and noticed we have a wall that is the perfect place to display collections of books I so often gather. I ordered THESE acrylic shelves and got to work right away. I must say that I am 100% smitten with how it turned out.

black history month picture books 1

After I hung up the shelves, I knew I wanted to display books that showcase historical heroes. February is Black History Month, so I wanted to highlight World-Changers that will inspire my children. However, I definitely don’t limit their exposure to Black History just to the month of February. These books are always readily available in our library, but putting them on display for my children does a couple of different things:

  1. It shows that I value these books and stories.
  2. It draws their eye directly to these stories, encouraging them to grab one to read!

Black History Books on Display

We have so many wonderful picture books that tell the stories of amazing individuals, but I chose 15 of my favorites to display on the shelves. You’ll also notice that I wanted to showcase a variety of stories or occupations. I chose a mixture of scholars, artists, musicians, leaders, athletes etc.

black history month picture books
  1. Mamie on the Mound
  2. The Doctor with an Eye for Eyes
  3. Mae Among the Stars
  4. Splash of Red
  5. Harlem’s Little Blackbird
  6. A Place to Land
  7. Josephine
  8. Bold Women in Black History
  9. Magic Trash
  10. When Marian Sang
  11. Trombone Shorty
  12. Sisters and Champions
  13. Charlie Takes His Shot
  14. The Oldest Student
  15. Little Melba and Her Big Trombone

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Black History Month

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