Summarizing Strips and Bracelets

I’ve got one more summarizing idea to share with you!  Did you see my other posts about writing summaries HERE and HERE?

Have you read Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen?  It’s an absolutely perfect and silly story that your students will LOVE!  It’s about a little boy who does everything in his power to have a completely disastrous school photo!  IMG 7689 After reading the story we used the Somebody Wanted But So Then Strategy.  Since the story is about Picture Day, we made these cameras from 3rd Grade Rooted in Reading August.  We wrote our summaries on polaroids like we were recapturing the story with our cameras!
IMG 7691

It was a great visual for our summary!  The students LOVED making the summary strip!   We also made summary bracelets.  I brought in beads that matched our polaroid colors.  Here’s what they stood for:

PINK:  Somebody (main character)

GREEN:  Wanted (what did the main character want?)

ORANGE:  But (what was the problem?)

BLUE:  So (how was the problem solved)

YELLOW:  Then (how did the story end?)

IMG 7693

We used the bracelets to retell the story using our summarizing strategy.  We moved the beads along as we retold the story.  The wonderful thing about the bracelet is it can be used again and again! IMG 7694

Such a perfect way to get those students hooked on summarizing!!!  Grab yourselves some beads and pipe cleaners, and you will be all set!

IMG 7695

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The camera and summarizing polaroids can be found in our reading unit by clicking HERE!


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  1. Hi! I teach first grade and LOVE this activity. However your bundle is for 3rd grade. Is there a place I can just get the polariod and cameras???