2D Shape Activities for the Classroom

When it comes time to teach 2D shapes in the classroom, I often run short on ideas, or I feel like I just continue doing the same thing year after year. I mean, how many ways can one introduce, create, and describe a square… am I right?! So, to help get out of that 2D shape rut, I have some ideas to share with you!

Create Something Fun

One thing I like to do with students is have them create something fun out of 2D shapes. This allows students to study different types of shapes, analyze and describe the shape’s attributes, and create a fun project!

{Click HERE for Shape Frankenstein}

Shape Frankenstein: 1st Step

The first thing I have students do is cut out all of their pieces. This gives students the chance to study each shape separately before joining together. Students write the name of the 2D shape. Then students count the vertices and the sides. Students record all of this onto their recording sheet.

Shape Frankenstein: 2nd Step

After recording all of the 2D shapes and their attributes, students assemble their Frankenstein. This Shape Frankenstein makes for the perfect Halloween display!

Shape Frankenstein: Alternate Step

If you want to skip the cutting and gluing altogether, this printable option may be the perfect activity for you! Students are still analyzing and describing 2D shapes, they are just doing so as they color!

2D Shape Anchor Chart

One thing I like to create with the students is a 2D shape anchor chart. We discuss each shape, its name, number of sides, and number of vertices as I add them to the chart. This is on display throughout the shape unit so that students know how to spell and identify each of the 2D shapes.

shape anchor chart

No Prep Shape Activity

It’s time to open up those teacher cabinets and see what you have stored up! I am always trying to use those random objects I’ve had stored for years and years. For this activity, I found popsicle sticks and foam stickers. Students create 2 quadrilaterals but any shape with sides would work! To create their shapes, students glued down the popsicle sticks. Then they used the stickers to represent and count the shape’s vertices. After creating their shapes, students wrote sentences to describe the shape’s attributes.

Best part? You don’t have to create, print, or prep anything in advance? Hands-on and no-prep? Yes, please!

shape activity

Frankenstein Books

I can’t leave without sharing a few Frankenstein books that would pair perfectly with your Shape Frankensteins!

Frankenstein Books

The Monster’s Monster / Monster on the Block / Even Monsters Need Haircuts / Trick or Treat Crankenstein

Save for Later

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2d shapes frankenstine

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