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Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

Valentine’s Day in the classroom is so fun! Students get so red in the cheeks when we start talking about the ‘L’ word and I just really enjoy creating V-Day inspired activities and crafts. I find that it can go well with almost any skill you want to teach and the final products are always so cute. Well, I am excited because I want to share some of my favorite Valentine’s Day activities with you and I have included TWO FREEBIES as well!

Let me begin with a look into each activity then you will see the option to grab your freebies down below, so don’t forget!

Valentine’s Day Activity for Graphing

Students will play Spin to Fill! They will begin with a print out of a jar filled with hearts and a spinner with color options. Whatever color the spinner lands on, the students will color a heart in the jar. After coloring all the hearts, students will analyze their data with a graph! Graphing is super versatile and one of my favorite ways to add variety. You can grab this free Valentine’s Day activity below, but if you need more graphing ideas, check out this post.

Valentine’s Day Activity for Solving Word Problems

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This Valentine’s Day, spread the love with our Solve to Create a Love Bug activity! Students will solve word problems to earn the pieces to create their own little love bugs. This is always a hoot in the classroom and I just know your students will love it! You can check out this activity right here.

Valentine’s Day Math Game

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I LOVE math games, and if you can’t tell, spinners hold a special place in my heart! Pun totally intended. With Spin it to Win it, students will pair up to solve math equations! The great thing about this FREEBIE is that it is totally customizable so you can practice any skill! Each partner will spin twice to choose two numbers to add, subtract, multiply, etc., whichever you choose, then the partner with the highest number wins that round! You’ll snag this Valentine’s Day activity below but you can learn even more about how it works right here.

Identifying Story Elements and Character Traits

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Pizza may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day, but I think I found a way to tie it all together! After reading Love is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark (you can use any love-themed book), students get into groups to identify story elements! Students make “tasty traits” pizza slices with heart-shaped flaps, where they describe the character from the beginning, middle, and end underneath! How do I make this theme work? My mantra is “stories are just like a juicy slice of pizza, they’re made of a lot of different elements that are quite delicious when put together!” You can check out more details about this activity and others right here

Division Word Problems with a Read-Aloud


Zombies may not be the best to look at, but they sure are a fun theme to play around with! When I snagged the book, Zombie In Love, I had the crazy idea to pair it with a Valentine’s Day inspired math lesson and thus, Zombie math was born! After making their own little zombies, students completed division word problems in which they had to divide “brains” between some friends. We used Twizzlers as manipulatives or “brains” and the kids had a great time with it! You can get more details about this activity right here.

I hope you get a chance to dive into some of these with your students this month and I would love to see how you use these Valentine’s Day activities in your classroom! Be sure to tag me, @msamylemons, on all your socials!

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