The Panda Problem with FREEBIES

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am sharing a FUN FRIDAY activity with you! Let’s dig right in…

amy lemons panda problem

The Panda Problem

Have you ever read The Panda Problem? It’s a book that is FULL of personality. The narrator wants their story to have a problem, but the panda doesn’t have one! At least not until the panda decides to BE the problem and create all sorts of trouble for the narrator. Your kiddos will LOVE the story that the panda creates. Trust me.

the panda problem panda drawing free

Panda Directed Drawing and Story Retell

To go along with the book, I have a couple of activities just for you! Your kiddos can draw the panda (plus a couple of the problems that he creates) and write about the story.

the panda problem free activity

You can even view me reading the story and guiding directed drawing below!

Create Your Own Story

They can also create their own story called The HUGE Problem. Students fill in the blanks either by themselves or with a friend. Once it is all filled out, they will have a funny story to share with loved ones!

the huge problem free

Grab Your FREEBIE!

The best thing? I have the directed drawing, writing pages, and story template just for YOU! I hope you enjoy reading the story and completing these activity with your little ones.

the panda problem activities free

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  1. This was perfect for today! My daughter’s GT project is about pandas so we got a few interesting facts to add to her research and a fun story. Thank you for sharing! She is SO excited to do the story you included!

  2. Thanks for the freebies. Is it okay for me to email your video to my second grader’s email? We are on distance learning due to the virus. I know they would love your video but I don’t want to violate copyrights (yours or the book publishers).
    Thank you!