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Robert Munsch Week!

This week is Robert Munsch week in 2nd Grade at my school!  I look forward to this week every single year.  One of the best parts is hearing my kids say “Oh, I’ve read this book before” but then once they hear Robert Munsch read his stories their opinion of the story completely changes!  
Our copy machine is down {and it has been for a week now… sigh} so we are doing another installment of “My Week Without the Workroom” only this time I didn’t mean for it to happen.  I kinda had no other choice.
We read Stephanie’s Ponytail and wrote about the story after making this sweet little craft from Amanda Madden.
 Some of them had a hayday moving their ponytails around to match the book 🙂
 We also read Aaron’s Hair... because everyone loves to giggle when the hair makes its way to someone’s behind 🙂  We just freehanded Aaron this year and used sticky notes for the Problem/Solution.  Normally I use the template from my Robert Munsch unit, but this worked also!
 Some of them were such a mess but they showed the personalities of my students 🙂
Other than that I have started a classroom purge… threw away tons of files, got rid of old resource books, and am in the midst of organizing books and cabinets!  It’s time to get things under control after 5 years in the same classroom!!

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  1. LOVE Robert Munsch! I have almost all of his books. We do an author study and we look for common elements between the books. Ever notice how his onomatopeia comes in threes or fives?

  2. Oops, made a mistake that needed to be deleted so I didn't embarrass myself!

    I am totally going to the library to find this author. Alas, I have never heard of him before! I intrigued by the comment about onomatopoeia above. I am currently teaching figurative language and needed some great examples!

    a better way to homeschool

  3. Hi Amy! I love your blog and am so thankful for all of your great ideas! One thing I've always wondered is how you use your interactive note books. Any chance on a blog post one day so we could get a closer look?