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Rooted in Reading 2nd Grade Spring for March Read Aloud Comprehension Activities {2nd Edition}



Reading Lesson plans for March are DONE for you! We have a full month of readingvocabularynonfiction integration, grammarmentor sentences, and phonics ready to go for the month of March with Rooted in Reading. Your students will learn about folktales, frogs, peacocks, Women in History, and more!

2nd Grade Reading Teachers, we want to save you time and energy when it comes to lesson planning for the ELA and reading instruction for your classroom! Rooted in Reading provides everything you need for deepening comprehension, developing and expanding vocabulary, and integrating language skills with the use of a mentor text in your classroom. Rooted in Reading takes the guess out of planning for language arts instruction. We provide lesson plans, focus posters, printables, assessments, anchor charts, and more!

The teacher READS the book throughout the week and models how to think deeply, ask questions, monitor comprehension, and so much more. Each week we focus on different comprehension skills and strategies that will take your little learners on a reading journey like never before. All lesson plans and activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards and TEKS. This can be used as a stand-alone curriculum OR as a supplemental curriculum. You can do ALL of what we include or pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your students! 

Books needed for March:

The Green Frogs by Yumi Heo

The Quickest Kid in Clarksville by Pat Miller

Birds of a Feather by Sita Singh

Pocket Full of Colors by Amy Guglielmo


What is included in the March unit? Look below!

● Daily Lesson Plans for 4 Weeks

● Book Question Cards

● Reading Passages

● Comprehension Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Passages

● Nonfiction Readers with Assessments

● Anchor Charts

● Vocabulary Picture Cards, Vocabulary Writing Prompts, Vocabulary Printables and Assessments

● Directed Drawings and Crafts

● Grammar Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, and Printables

● Daily Deep Deep with Mentor Sentences

● Phonics Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Phonics Focus: Compound Words, R Controlled Vowels, Au/Aw words

Comprehension Focus for March:

  • Analyzing Folktales from Different Cultures
  • Central Message
  • Compare and Contrast Fairy Tales
  • Key Details in Nonfiction

Comprehension Printables:

  • Folktales Focus Posters
  • Elements of Folktales Flap-Ups
  • Lesson Focus Poster
  • Determining the Lesson Printable
  • Compare and Contrast Focus Poster
  • Lesson in Folktales with Evidence
  • Central Message Focus Poster
  • What I Think About  Central Message Focus Poster
  • Looking at Details Focus Poster
  • Central Message Bookmarks
  • Lesson Bookmarks
  • Central Message or Lesson Printable
  • Compare and Contrast Activity
  • Venn Diagram Printable
  • Comparing Stories Paragraph Writing
  • Main Idea / Central Idea Focus Posters
  • Sorting Topic and Main Idea / Central idea
  • Key Details Focus Poster
  • Elephants Key Details Activity
  • Main Idea / Central Idea Graphic Organizer

Anchor Charts:

  • Elements of a Folktale
  • Let’s Learn a Lesson 
  • Compare The Ugly Duckling to Birds of a Feather
  • Describing Key Details
  • The Fascinating Life Cycle of a Frog
  • World Class Women of Track
  • Prancing with Pretty Peacocks
  • Featuring Film Facts

Nonfiction Readers:

  • Life Cycle of a Frog
  • World Class Women of Track
  • Pretty Peacocks
  • Animation in Film

Directed Drawings:

  • Frog
  • Wilma Rudolph
  • Peacock
  • Art Inspired by Mary Blair


  • Lily Pad
  • Track Runner
  • Peacock Feather
  • Vintage Video Camera


  • Picture Cards for Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  • Vocabulary Writing Prompts
  • Vocabulary Word of the Day
  • Vocabulary Look and Find Word Search
  • Vocabulary Picture Perfect
  • Vocabulary Find the Synonym
  • Vocabulary Assessment

Grammar: Articles

  • Article Focus Poster
  • Article Anchor Chart and Sort
  • Using Articles Printable
  • Sorting Articles
  • Spin an Article
  • Articles in Sentences Classroom Scoot
  • Choosing Articles
  • Articles Assessment

Grammar: Pronouns

  • Pronouns Focus Poster
  • Focus Posters for: Subjective Pronouns, Objective Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns
  • Pronoun Words, Pictures, and Sentence Examples for: Subjective Pronouns, Objective Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns
  • He, She, They Printable
  • Pick a Pronoun Printable
  • Create Sentences Printable
  • Reflexive Pronoun Flap-Book
  • Pronouns Assessment for They and Them
  • Pronouns Assessment for Reflexive Pronouns

Grammar: Collective Nouns

  • Collective Nouns Focus Poster
  • Collective Nouns Word and Picture Cards
  • Collective Nouns Match
  • Let’s Get Collective Printable
  • Name the Noun Classroom Scoot
  • Is it Collective? Classroom Scoot
  • Collecting Collective Nouns Word Search (assessment)

Grammar: Abbreviations

  • Abbreviations Focus Posters
  • Abbreviations Word Cards
  • Let’s Abbreviate Printable
  • Abbreviations Match
  • Abbreviations Classroom Scoot
  • Read and Abbreviate Printable
  • Abbreviations Assessments (2 included)

Phonics: Word Endings -ing

  • Focus Posters for adding -ing
  • Doubling Rule Word Sort
  • Picture Cards for adding -ing
  • Drooping -e and adding -ing Focus Posters
  • Race to the Finish with -ing
  • I Spy -ing Words
  • Roll, Write, Build with -ing words
  • Circle and Spell it with -ing words
  • Formulating Sentences with -ing words
  • Fluency with -ing words
  • Word Practice and Assessment

Phonics: Word Endings -er and -est

  • Focus Posters for -er and -est word endings
  • Picture and Word Cards for -er and -est word endings
  • Tall, Taller, Tallest Printable
  • Word Sort for -er and -est word endings
  • Race to the Finish with -er and -est word endings
  • Identify and Spell it -er and -est word endings
  • Formulating Sentences with -er and -est word endings
  • Fluency with -er and -est word endings
  • Word Practice and Assessment

Phonics: Word Beginnings- 3 Consonant Blends and Digraphs

  • Focus Posters for scr, shr, squ, spl, spr, str, thr
  • Picture cards for 3 consonant blends and digraphs
  • I Sply 3 Letter Blends
  • Spin Read and Cover 3 Letter Blends
  • Circle and Spell it
  • Fluency with Blends
  • Elimination
  • Word Practice and Assessment

Phonics: Multisyllabic Closed

  • Focus Posters for Syllables, Closed Syllables, VCCV words, Double Letters, Magic e Syllables, VCe Words
  • 2 Syllable Match Printable
  • Roll and Read
  • Circle and Spell it
  • Spin, Read, and Cover Game
  • I Spy VCe Words
  • Picture Cards
  • Fluency with 2 Syllable Words
  • Word Practice and Assessment


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