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Rooted in Reading 2nd Grade for December Read Aloud Comprehension & Activities {2nd Edition}



Save TIME and ENERGY this December with these Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans and hands-on reading activities, including Winter and Christmas-themed! Enhance the Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Phonics in your classroom as students learn about author’s purpose, point of view, asking and answering questions, and identifying the lesson of the story!

2nd Grade Reading Teachers, we want to save you time and energy when it comes to lesson planning for the ELA and reading instruction for your classroom!

Rooted in Reading provides everything you need for deepening comprehension, developing and expanding vocabulary, and integrating language skills with the use of a mentor text in your classroom. Rooted in Reading takes the guess out of planning for language arts instruction. We provide lesson plans, focus posters, printables, assessments, anchor charts, and more!

The teacher READS the book throughout the week and models how to think deeply, ask questions, monitor comprehension, and so much more. Each week we focus on different comprehension skills and strategies that will take your little learners on a reading journey like never before. 

All lesson plans and activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards and TEKS. This can be used as a stand-alone curriculum OR as a supplemental curriculum. You can do ALL of what we include or pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your students!

Want to know more? Check out below!

Books needed for December:

Except Antarctica! by Todd Sturgell

Silver Packages by Cynthia Rylant

Little Red Sleigh by Erin Guendeskberger

Digging for Words by Angela Burke Kunkel


What is included in the December unit? Look below!

● Daily Lesson Plans for 4 Weeks

● Book Question Cards

● Reading Passages

● Comprehension Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Passages

● Nonfiction Readers with Assessments

● Anchor Charts

● Vocabulary Picture Cards, Vocabulary Writing Prompts, Vocabulary Printables and Assessments

● Directed Drawings and Crafts

● Grammar Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, and Printables

● Daily Deep Deep with Mentor Sentences

● Phonics Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Phonics Focus: Final Consonant Blends and Long Vowel Patterns: long i vowel patterns: ie, igh, y | Long O vowel patterns: oa, oe, ow | Vowel Pattern oo | Long U Vowel Patterns: ue, ui, ew


Comprehension Focus for December:

  • Author’s Purpose: Entertain and Inform
  • Point of View and Perspective
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Identifying the Lesson of a Story

Comprehension Printables:

  • Author’s Purpose Focus Posters
  • Author’s Purpose Slides Activity
  • Author’s Purpose Flap-Ups
  • Author’s Purpose Identify and Explain Printable
  • Lesson and Central Message Focus Poster
  • Read, Highlight, and Learn From It Passages
  • Lesson and Text Evidence Printable
  • Let’s Talk About the Lesson
  • Strong Readers Ask Questions Focus Posters
  • Questions While Reading Flap-Ups
  • Questions About Words (Context Clues)
  • What Else Did I Learn Printable
  • Point of View Focus Poster
  • Point of View Note-taking Flap-Ups
  • Perspective Focus Poster
  • Point of View Read and Identify
  • Point of View Printable with Pictures

Anchor Charts:

  • Except Antarctica Inform and Explain Chart
  • Absolutely Amazing Antarctica
  • Lessons Learned from Silver Packages
  • History of Trains
  • Digging For Words Question Anchor Chart
  • Very Important Professions Fact Chart
  • Little Red Sleigh Character Chart
  • Delightful Draft Animals Fact Chart

Nonfiction Readers:

  • Amazing Antarctica
  • The History of Trains
  • Draft Animals
  • Professions That We Need

Directed Drawings:

  • Penguin
  • Train
  • Open Book
  • Reindeer


  • Turtle (character from Except Antarctica)
  • Present
  • Clipboard Checklist
  • Little Red Sleigh


  • Picture Cards for Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  • Vocabulary Writing Prompts
  • Picture It! (Drawing Words)
  • Wondering About Words (Word Sort)
  • Gazing at the Glossary
  • Vocabulary Assessment

Grammar: Contractions

  • Contractions Focus Posters
  • Creating Contractions Word Cards
  • Creating Contractions Work-Mat
  • Contraction Construction Sticky Notes
  • Contraction Construction Match
  • Connect to Create a Contraction Classroom Scoot
  • Contraction Flap-Book
  • Contraction Assessment

Grammar: Exclamatory Sentences

  • I Can Use Exclamation Marks Focus Poster
  • Exclamation Anchor Chart
  • Exclaim It Printable
  • Punctuation Play It
  • Punctuating Pocket Book
  • Punctuation Flap-Book
  • Ending Punctuation Assessment

Grammar: Prepositions

  • Prepositions Focus Posters
  • Preposition Cards
  • Preposition Sort
  • Preposition Activity
  • Practicing with Prepositions Printable
  • Preposition Flap-Book
  • Peek at the Preposition Classroom Scoot
  • Preposition Assessment

Grammar: Friendly Letter Writing

  • I Can Write Friendly Letter Focus Poster
  • Parts of a Friendly Letter Focus Poster
  • Friendly Letter Label and Write
  • My Wish List Printable
  • All I Want for Christmas Printable
  • Santa Hat Craft
  • Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Vowel Teams: y, ie, igh

  • y, ie, igh Focus Posters
  • y, ie, igh Picture Cards
  • y, ie, igh Picture Sort
  • Formulating Sentences
  • ie Circle and Spell
  • y, ie, igh Spin, Read, and Cover Partner Game
  • I Spy Long I Words
  • Fluency: Long I Words
  • y, ie, igh Word Practice and Assessment

Vowel Teams: oa, oe, ow

  • oa, oe, ow Focus Posters
  • oa, oe, ow Picture Cards
  • oa, oe, ow Race to the Finish Game
  • Long O Tic Tac Toe
  • oe Circle and Spell
  • oa, oe, ow Spin, Read, and Cover Partner Game
  • Game: Elimination
  • Long O Word Sort
  • oa, oe, ow Word Practice and Assessment

Vowel Teams: ue, ui, ew

  • ue, ui, ew Focus Posters
  • ue, ui, ew Picture Cards
  • ue, ui, ew Spin and Color
  • Long u Tic Tac Toe
  • ue, ui, ew Roll, Write, Build
  • Game: Elimination
  • Long U Word Sort
  • ue, ui, ew Word Practice and Assessment

Vowels: oo

  • oo Focus Posters
  • oo Picture Cards
  • I Spy Words with oo
  • Race to the Finish oo words
  • Circle and Spell with oo words
  • Formulating Sentences with oo words
  • Spin, Read, and Cover
  • oo Sort
  • Fluency: oo words
  • oo Word Practice and Assessment


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