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Rooted in Reading: Being Frank {3rd and 4th Grades}



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Rooted in Reading: Special Editions BUNDLE

Being Frank by Donna Earnhardt is a fun and engaging story about a boy that is just a little too frank.  He believes honesty is the best policy, but sometimes the way he delivers the truth hurts feelings.  His grandpa teaches him how to be honest and kind. This unit encompasses everything you need for a week of ELA instruction. It can be used around Back to School season, but it is not limited to that time of year.  The activities are NOT “Back to School” specific. This book companion was created to be used in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. These activities are aligned with the TEKS and Common Core Standards for THIRD and FOURTH grades.  You can find the standards covered in the preview. Check out the preview to see the different activities we have included.

PLEASE NOTE:  *The book Being Frank by Donna Earnhardt needs to be purchased for this unit.

Here’s what is included:
*Skills: Analyzing and Describing Characters, Analyzing Word Meaning, Vocabulary, Complete Sentences
– 5 Days of Lesson Plans for Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar
– Comprehension Lesson Tips
– Picture Examples of all Activities
– Reading Comprehension Question Stems
– Thinking About Reading Writing Prompts 
– Digital Posters for:  Describing Characters, Examining Characters, Names with Meaning
– Describing Characters (Traits and Emotions) with an animated short
– Examining Frank Layered Flip-Book for Thoughts, Actions, Words, Traits
– Hello!  My Name is… Printable
– Fiction Passage:  Josie and the Chore List
 Nonfiction Passage:  Traffic Laws
– Comprehension Check for the story with Answer Key
– Anchor Chart for Character Actions, Words, and Thoughts with Printable
– Nonfiction Reader: Two Truths and a Lie
– Nonfiction Response:  Two Truths and a Lie Flap-Ups
– Anchor Chart for Uncovering the Lies:  The Truth about Historical Events
– Directed Drawing: Main Character (Frank) with Writing Pages and speech bubble
– Vocabulary Cards with Definitions
– Vocabulary Prompts
– Vocabulary Flap-Ups
– Vocabulary Match with Synonyms and Antonyms
– Vocabulary:  Read the Definition
– Vocabulary Assessment
– Daily Deep Dive with a Mentor Sentence
– Grammar Activities for Complete Sentences with Subjects and Verbs:
• Digital Posters: Subjects, Verbs, Complete Sentences
• Student Work: Finish to Make a Sentence Flap-Ups
• Student Work: Sort it Out!
• Student Work: Complete Sentence Scoot
• Student Work:  Sentence Assessment

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This unit was created by Katie King and Amy Lemons. Please check out the preview to see everything included. 


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