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Interactive Reading Lessons & Activities for Bad Apple with ELA, Math, & Science



Are you looking to ROCK your interactive read-aloud? These APPLE lesson plans and activities will engage your learners and build confidence as a teacher. Use these reading comprehension, grammar, science, and math lessons as SUB PLANS, or simply take a break from your standard curriculum and enjoy Bad Apple!

Do you need sub plans? Print the lesson plans and activities to leave for your substitute teacher. There are plenty of activities to fill their day!

Here’s What is Included in Rock The Read-Aloud for Bad Apple:

Reading Comprehension:

  • Lesson Plans for Before, During, and After Reading
  • Pre-reading journal writing to build upon schema with schema poster and What Makes a Good Friend journal writing pages
  • Book Questions for Before, During, and After Reading
  • Cause and Effect Poster and Printable
  • Making Predictions Anchor Chart, Poster, and Printable
  • Directed Drawing of Bad Apple with writing pages and Lesson Focus poster

Science Integration:

  • Informational Text for Seasons of an Apple Tree
  • Vocabulary Picture and Word Cards for 5 Vocabulary Words
  • Vocabulary Printable
  • Student Reader for Seasons of an Apple Tree (shortened version of nonfiction reader)
  • Sequencing Seasons of an Apple Tree Printable
  • Apple Craft and Seasons Booklet

Apple Themed Grammar Activities:

  • Focus Posters for Verbs
  • Verb Cards
  • Using Verbs Printable
  • Finding Verbs Printable
  • Sorting Verbs in Sentences

Apple Themed Math Activities:

*Each Math Activity has 5 options based on the needs of your students)

  • Biting Through Word Problems: Word Problems (5 options)
  • Apple Addition (5 Options) – Spin Addends to Graph Sums
  • Picking Out Problems (5 Options) – Choose numbers to add together and create an addition equation

*Writing Pages are included with different writing line options.

Please Read:

I hope you enjoy this resource! Please note:

This is not a Rooted in Reading resource. While it shares some of the fundamental principles that are true to Rooted in Reading, this is a new product.

Rock the Read-Aloud focuses on one read-aloud with activities for comprehension, journal writing, grammar, vocabulary, science integration, and math. It is NOT a week of lesson plans, but it does have lesson plans included for everything!

This would be great to pull out as a supplement to your curriculum, for a fun Friday, to break the routine, or to leave for a sub!


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