NO PREP Addition and Subtraction Printables, Early Finishers, Activities



Are you looking for purposeful basic addition and subtraction activities that will spiral skills all year long? These NO-PREP fact practice printables can be used as Early FinishersMath StationsClassroom Activities, and more! Students will stay engaged as they spin spinners and roll number cubes to complete the addition and subtraction fact practice.

Want to know more? Here are all of the details:

  • There are 30 NO Prep Addition and Subtraction Printables: 15 Add and Subtract within 10 Activities and 15 Add and Subtract within 20 Activities
  • The following skills are covered within these activities: Add within 10, Add within 20, 3 Addends, Adding Doubles, Subtract within 10, Subtract within 20, Using a Number Line to Add and Subtract
  • Each printable is ONE-PAGE which makes for ZERO PREP. These printables require either students to spin (just add a pencil and paperclip) or rolling number cubes (can use 6-sided or 9-sided number cubes)
  • While these games are open-ended and don’t have just one answer key, there are pictures for each activity to show expectations and how to complete the activity

Activities Included – Each activity comes in two levels:

  • Roll and Add
  • The Domino Add
  • The Tally Spin
  • Spin to Make 10
  • Spin to Make 20
  • Roll to Count On (number line)
  • Spin and Double
  • Spin, Roll, and Add
  • Spin, Sketch, and Subtract
  • Spin and Subtract
  • Spin to Take Away
  • Build and Break Apart
  • Roll and Jump Back
  • Roll an Equation
  • Subtract and Color


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