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Telling Time to the Hour, Half Hour, and Five Minutes



Looking for fun activities to teach telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, and five minutes? This unit has time games, crafts, review slides, & activities that my students have enjoyed year after year!


  • Telling Time Posters: Second Hand, Minute Hand, Hour Hand, Time to the Hour, Time to the Half Hour, I Can Tell Time
  • Student schedule activity: clock template for students to use, schedule cards, and content frame (Example included)
  • Matching Game: 18 clock cards and 18 time cards to match time to the 5 minutes
  • 2 Draw the Hands: one worksheet is time to the hour/half hour/quarter-hour, the other is time to 5 minutes
  • Elapsed Time (2 versions): word problems with clocks for your students to draw the time
  • It takes about a second, minute, hour flap-book with activities to sort/glue into flap book
  • It takes about a second, minute, hour, day activity for students to draw/write the activities
  • Pocket Book- all materials needed included: pocket book pattern, clocks to sort, labels for thebook. This is time to the hour and half hour (Example Included)
  • I Have, Who Has: Time to the 5 minutes (22 cards included)
  • Timeline Activity: literacy connection, make a class timeline after reading a book. Clock and Drawing paper included
  • Telling Time Student Booklet: Telling Time using Quarter After, Half Past, and Quarter To
  • Flapbook (2 versions): Students match time words to the clocks shown
  • I Spy Elapsed Time: students read the task cards and write the time that it will be according to the card.
  • Reading the times (in words): students read the cards, for example: half past 6, quarter ’til 8, noon, quarter past 1, and write the times
  • Our Time Garden: A Math Craftivity- students make a clock flower to show what they’ve learned
  • Match The Time: Match Analog and Digital Clocks (2 versions
  • Time to the FIVE minutes review slideshow with 40 slides/times
  • Time to the MINUTE review slideshow with 30 slides/times


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