Math Centers: 10 Back to School Math Stations



Are you gearing up for Math Stations in your 2nd Grade Classroom? These 10 Back to School Math Stations may be just what you need to get your students started on a Math Station Rotation. These are great to use at the beginning of 2nd grade, but can also be used all throughout the year.

There are 10 math centers, in this packet you will find:


  • Read and Find (reading number words, identifying numbers on a 120s chart, identifying even/odd) Included: Student Sheet, Answer Key, 30 number word cards (in color and black and white
  • True or False, Addition Style (identifying correct and incorrect addition sentences) Included: Student Sheet, 36 addition sentences in color and black/white (half true, half false), sorting mats.
  • Subtract and Sort (students solve subtraction problems and sort into even/odd groups) Included: even/odd sorting mats, student sheet, answer key, 24 subtraction sentence cards in color and black/white (half even answers, half odd answers).
  • Put Me in Order! (ordering random numbers 1-120) Included: Student Sheet, answer key, 30 number cards.
  • Solve It (solving addition and subtraction word problems with pictures and numbers) Included: Student sheet, 8 word problems in color and black/white, answer key.
  • Finding the Missing Addend (solving addition sentences with a missing addend) Included: Student sheet, 4 sorting mats in color and black/white, 25 addition sentence with missing addend cards, answer key.
  • Shape Monsters Need Help! (identifying 2D shapes and their attributes, matching) Included: Student Sheet, Answer key, 8 shape cards in color and black/white, 24 attribute cards.
  • Measure Me (students measure length of object using inches) Included: Student Sheet, Answer Key, picture cards to measure in color and black/white. (YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE RULERS)
  • What Time Is It (studentS identify times written in different formats) Included: Flapbook, sorting words to cut/paste.
  • Hide and Seek, Number Words (identifying number words) Included: Word Search, Answer Key.



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