My Reading Booklet (Reading Response Activities)



This unit contains 30 reading response activities that your students can use during guided reading, whole class activities, or for independent work. Each reading response sheet is 1/2 page to save paper AND so your students can make a little “My Reading Booklet”

Here’s the reading response activities/graphic organizers included:
1. Title Page for student booklet
2. Describe a Character
3. Cause and Effect
4. Compare Two Characters (Venn Diagram)
5. Letter to the Author
6. What’s the Main Idea
7. Pencil It In (Change part of the story)
8. Setting
9. This Book is Sweet!
10. How Was the Book?
11. Character Map
12. Finding Nouns
13. Jot Down the Verbs
14. It’s Raining Adjectives
15. Close It Up! (write about the ending)
16. Problem and Solution
17. My Favorite Part
18. Beginning, Middle, End
19. Finding the Facts
20. KWL
21. Is this book worthy?
22. Make a Prediction
23. Make a Connection
24. I Can Visualize
25. Characters Can Change
26. Character Analysis
27. Important Event
28. My Question
29. I Can Ask Questions
30. Fact vs. Opinion


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